Friday, December 9, 2011


Politically Incorrect Cookies 

This b/c of that horrible MSU loss

Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo, oh yeah!
My wife's birthday, as well as Repeal Day, so we went to the Frankenmuth Brewery.  Cheese ravioli with meat sauce for me, delicious burger for her, avocado bruschetta to split, and beers.  I think she had a good birthday.

The Smile

The Take
Two, and I tried the new BK fries.  I know, I'm bad
Add in the chocolate truffle wave cake for Jessi's belated birthday, because she didn't want cake the day before after dinner.  

Hot & Ready got me again

Two of these

Those fake Lucky Charms from Meijer that I love

I'm currently using my lunch break to write this while I eat my wife's delicious chicken stew she made way too much of (I'm guessing at least 3 day's worth).  Since I can't ever get breadbowls anywhere anymore, I'm doing the next best thing and using some wheat bread essentially as a slowly disappearing (into my tummy) spoon.  Suck on that all you Atkins and Paleo nuts.  Yeah, so you're in good shape...I got bread....bread....BREAD!!!!  That's the very reason why people say "best thing since sliced bread."  It's delicious (apologies to my gluten-free sister who may read this).


  1. Hey! I saw you posted on Traditional Life on Hold and had to meander on over here only to see your a fellow Michigander! I think the Frankenmuth Brewery gave it away...=)

    I'm a tad further south than you, near AA but nonetheless...I run with YakTrax inthe Winter, they aren't like spikes but they are helpful. Here's my review of them...

  2. Guilty as charged. I'm VERY Michigander. I have some Due North ice cleats that seemed to work pretty well earlier this year that I got in February. I'll probably stick with those for a while, but if I feel a switch is necessary I'll give the yaktrax a shot.

    Sounds like we both picked up the winter running about the same time (last winter). So I will have to follow your blogging this winter to see if you figure out anything I haven't yet. Good luck keeping your feet under you this season.

  3. you know that girl who is trying to BQ? yeah, she just licked the computer screen. hope you're happy.


  4. The you may want to avoid my post this week when Friday rolls around. You might chip a tooth.


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