Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wake Up! have you been?

I know I've dropped off the face of the Earth on here.  The reasons don't really matter right now.

I'm hoping to come back to writing in this thing full time, as I've done something incredibly stupid, and I'm assuming the consequences will be hilarious and dramatic.

I signed up for this thing...

Image result for chicago marathon

It was probably a bad idea, and no I wasn't drinking.  I honestly figured fate would intervene and I wouldn't get picked in the drawing to get in.  I also managed to drag my friend Jason into signing up, and he was also selected.  I think we both needed this to happen, despite how ridiculous it was to sign up for it in our current state.

The hotel is booked, the date is set, and we will be there.

Which version of us will be there?  I'm hoping not the sad, slow, and (in my case) fat version.  I have a ton of work to do.  It's not a complete rebuild from when I started writing here, but it's getting close to that point.  Pretty much just imagine a point where 5Ks are hard again, and that's about right where I'm at.

The work has already begun.  I'm going for a more rounded approach, rather than JUST straight running.  I'm considering even extreme things, like going into actual swimming pools to do that thing where you move your hands and feet and go places in water...I forget what it's called.

Chicago, as much as I've visited since 2003, has almost become like a second home to me.  So I'd like to do well, especially if any of my friends there decide to come out and see me (no laughing!).
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