Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm not using this damn blog as intended, at least not for myself. It was supposed to be a joint venture to remind me to keep going with the running and to chastise myself for eating metaphorical garbage. That's now how things have been going.

I run regardless. I don't need this for that. Since my last entry I've been through 3 races. I did a 5K trail run in Howell. That was the toughest 5K I've ever done. It's bad enough that it went up and down like a flipping hiking trail, but with half of it being gravel, it was tough just to keep footing. I'm sorry, but someone my size doesn't handle a steep decline on loose stone without slowing up a bit. Newton's laws, they still hold in that realm. So I didn't stay under the 10 minute mile again for that one, but it wasn't too bad.

The Sunday before the Michigan/Michigan State game I did a 10K in Ann Arbor at the Big House. I've officially ran down the tunnel of the stadiums of the two major college programs in the state now (after doing MSU in May). That field turf is slippery. This Sparty almost lost it and went down in enemy territory. My per mile times on these longer races is now better than my per mile was on 5K's earlier in the year, so there has been a lot of improvement. I'm not anywhere near where some of these people were. It seems the later the running season goes, the more pros come out. I'm getting faster, but there's more people ahead of me. Six days later, running the MSU/U of M Tailgate challenge, I broke under 30:00 for another 5K, with my best time yet. So, obviously, I am not anywhere near slacking in the run department.

In the healthy eating department, I pretty much suck. As I write this, I'm not exactly treating myself too well. I need to start outing myself on here on that side of things, because I'm screwing it up. I really am. I may have to take some drastic measures. For now I'm going to shrink from that one...but I need to do better for myself.
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