Monday, June 28, 2010

Look, this just doesn't add up...

After the 5K on Thursday, I've started to push a little longer. I went somewhere around maybe 4 mi today on my run. I could have went further, but it looked like it was going to rain, so I cut it off. I am going to try to push for the 8K, and if that means throwing my lot in with Jason and Scott and running with them so be it. They don't have this pack mentality like those awful running groups, and everyone will run their pace. The only extra motivation that will be is to catch their skinny asses eventually.

I talked to a coworker that runs often and he didn't do very well at the Y race either, and said he thought it was a little longer than it should be. I know one of the Sparty runs used to be too, so I guess it's possible. I'm just looking for extra excuses at this point.

The other thing I should bring up is the fact we had our 83rd family reunion this weekend. There is always piles and piles of food there, and I didn't hold back. It's once a year, and it's all delicious, so whatever weight loss goals or running goals have to take a back seat when it comes to the family's cooking. The most important thing, though, is the fried chicken. I never have it here, because nobody else likes it at home or work, and it's not something you eat alone, you need to share a bucket. Anyway, wherever they get this stuff, it's absolutely wonderful. I had 6 pieces myself. I also had about three full plates, which were about a foot in diameter, and I piled it pretty good on the first. I also picked at the dessert pretty good.

So I jump on the scale, which I haven't done in quite a while, and I'm down about 5 pounds. It makes no sense. I should have gained 10 just yesterday. I'm probably not going to get away with eating like that again, but thanks for the freebie.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

YMCA race today...ugh

Have a 5K today, and I feel like crap. Chances are my improving streak ends here, but that's what I would have said last time...results later.

I gained about 40 seconds, so not too bad, but the streak of improvement ends. It's not as disappointing as I thought, though, because I know I could have killed this course, and could have done better. My friends and I were pissed about our times and were tempted to grab our timers and run the thing all over again. I just didn't feel as good during the race as I did at the end of it. Maybe that bodes well for the 8K, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

It's still disappointing because any other day I would do better, but to not gain even a full minute being as achy, crappy, and tired as I was, I guess I will take. I know this was an easier course than Flushing, and I just didn't get into it. Also that water break killed me. I shouldn't have done that. We'll just have to destroy the next one.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Wind Blows Both Ways

So with my new-found resolve, I was going to really start training hard again. Then, Friday, I stayed up too late after the Art Walk downtown playing Singstar with my friends. This was after a Thursday evening where we were dog-sitting and kept up by said dog and our cranky kitty. I tried to medicate and sleep in Saturday, but the dog insisted I take it for a long walk early Saturday morning at 8:30. Well, honestly, it insisted at 6:00, but I ignored its pleas for 2 1/2 hours.

I thought I felt better Saturday, so Mr. Ken and I went to Detroit to watch the World Cup Match against England and go to the Tigers game. During the World Cup watching, I started to get a little sneezy, and by the middle of the Tiger game, I was in full blown fever. Guillen hit a walk-off HR in the 10th and I was just thanking God it was over.

I didn't leave the house but once the rest of the weekend, and that was to get medicinal supplies. Monday, I fought through work, and then Tuesday I was called for jury duty. Yesterday, I was still too sick to run, so I stayed in, cooked dinner, and rested.

Today I'm back, and I went out for a run, but it's amazing how much a week can set me back. At least I lost a little weight while being sick. Maybe I can just keep it off. It just sucks I couldn't get jumping right back in and build off that excitement I had after last Wednesday, but there's another run on the 24th, so we'll just have to give that a try.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Morning After

I'm still way too happy with myself today. During all this grilling and eating, I actually managed to lose a few pounds. Again, I can't find any rationale for this, it's just happening. Maybe it's just hard work paying off in delayed fashion.

We took a walk today. My girlfriend's dad dropped off his dog for the weekend for us to watch. That should be interesting. The cat doesn't like it, and is a ball of puffed fur right now.

I didn't eat great today. The grilling saga continues as we had burgers for dinner today. I also at at a cookout at work today in pretty much the best work day I've ever had. I got to sit the the #29 Harvick car, eat free food and drink free water and diet soda all day, and got $50 of free Red Lobster gift cards. So yeah, it was a good day. I tried to do work for a few hours, but when everybody else was essentially taking a day off for the event, I joined in.

I'm still hungry...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sometimes the Wind Rights the Ship

Just after work today, I was thinking of calling my friend Jason to play tennis, when my phone rings. It was Jason and he asked me if I wanted to go run a 5K with him today. With the slacking I've been doing lately, I thought it was a bad idea to do an official one. However, I was planning on running anyway, and Jason and I have been trying to do a race together for a year now with no success. So I said "yes."

I drove out there to meet him and register, we walked around a bit, and caught up with each other. One of his friends met us there for it as well, and we all walked up toward the start.

They both took off like a shot, as I was fumbling with my mp3 player at the start. I never caught up. I hit the first mile where I was at a 9:45/mile pace. The second mile was murder. It was almost all uphill, and we all admitted we each almost stopped to walk in that 2nd mile. The last leg was a pretty steep downhill, though, and I just let my weight do the work. I really booked it down the big hill, thinking it ended at the bottom, and there was another turn. I was dead, but seeing that clock and the finish really pushes you at the end.

When all was said and done, I knocked another 1:05 off my 5K time for a 32:17 time total. I don't know how it happened, with my recent laziness, but I am newly inspired. Maybe I needed the quasi-break mentally, or physically to refresh and jump back in, anyway. I definitely needed this random unplanned race with my friend to get me enthused again.

Afterward, our friend Pat came downtown, and we had a few beers downtown to celebrate finishing the race. We were all incredibly pleased with our times. Jason and his friend both ate an entire pizza each. I stuck with just beer, no sense is undoing what I just did.

Told you I had some new resolve going...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Timed out

The house has been driving me up the wall. Sure working on things and doing yard work is sort of exercise, but it's been getting in the way (especially the things you need daylight for).

In addition we're fighting ants all over the house. I'm waiting for John Goodman to jump out and say "surprise" or some claw to grab me under my chair like "Matinee." I think we may be nearing the end, and have won. We had to resort to chemical warfare, but sometimes that's what it takes. Hopefully nobody comes after us for it, because I don't have a bunker.

As far as eating healthy, well I'm just damn ashamed of what I've done to myself lately. All the cook outs have been killing me. If there's one thing I can't pass up it's potato salad and burgers, but I keep getting invited because I am a pretty damn good grill master. I wish talents were trade-able, because I would trade a few for a super-fast metabolism.

I did make it out for a short run this weekend, but haven't made it out this week yet. I gotta get back on the horse before I eat it.

P.S.- Out of curiosity I had a double-down chicken sandwich. I'll never do it again, but it was delightful.
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