Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Wind Blows Both Ways

So with my new-found resolve, I was going to really start training hard again. Then, Friday, I stayed up too late after the Art Walk downtown playing Singstar with my friends. This was after a Thursday evening where we were dog-sitting and kept up by said dog and our cranky kitty. I tried to medicate and sleep in Saturday, but the dog insisted I take it for a long walk early Saturday morning at 8:30. Well, honestly, it insisted at 6:00, but I ignored its pleas for 2 1/2 hours.

I thought I felt better Saturday, so Mr. Ken and I went to Detroit to watch the World Cup Match against England and go to the Tigers game. During the World Cup watching, I started to get a little sneezy, and by the middle of the Tiger game, I was in full blown fever. Guillen hit a walk-off HR in the 10th and I was just thanking God it was over.

I didn't leave the house but once the rest of the weekend, and that was to get medicinal supplies. Monday, I fought through work, and then Tuesday I was called for jury duty. Yesterday, I was still too sick to run, so I stayed in, cooked dinner, and rested.

Today I'm back, and I went out for a run, but it's amazing how much a week can set me back. At least I lost a little weight while being sick. Maybe I can just keep it off. It just sucks I couldn't get jumping right back in and build off that excitement I had after last Wednesday, but there's another run on the 24th, so we'll just have to give that a try.

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