Friday, December 2, 2011


From the depths of a Chinese buffet coma, I'm prepared to kneel and confess some more bad eating habits.

The Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Problem Continues
Mom took me out to Lucky's for pre-Birthday dinner.  Ate way too much dinner bread and butter and chased it with one of these...

Chicken Parmesan w/side of Alfredo


Big John Steak & Onion

Pumpkin Spice Latte f/ 711

Around the Horn @ Sullivan's Black Forest

Followed that with eating 2 spring rolls, half an order of curry puff, and half of a Gra Pow Gai Dinner @ Bangkok Peppers.

Finished the Gra Pow Gai, ate some green bean casserole, some more pumpkin pie, and ate a pretty decent-sized turkey leg.

Did pretty well with the whole pitas with grilled peppers and onions (w/hummus & guacamole).  However I did have some of those lying Steenstra's cookies
Santa does NOT live in a Windmill or ride a horse
(unless he's been in an Old Spice commercial that I am unaware of)

"I'm on a horse"

More damn pumpkin pie (it's almost over, I swear).  Finished up the pita stuff, had a sweet onion chicken teriyaki at Subway, and drank a very large bottle of hard cider and a little sip of New Holland's Whiskey

I like you...
Work's annual Christmas luncheon at the Empire Wok

Let's just say I ate pretty much every chicken in existence there (sesame, teriyaki, peanut, sweet & sour, etc.), a couple shrimp egg rolls, and 4 of those crab rangoon things.  Let's just say that the only dinner I had tonight was a nap.  I'm done.

Santa Run is tomorrow, my knee's killing me, and my friend Jason can't make it now.  Boo!  Details later.

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