Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sickness Saturday (& Fatty Friday Make-up)

First of all, I know everyone's just dying to see what kind of wonderful food blunders have happened this past week.  One reader in particular may even be enticed into eating her computer screen one of these days, but I won't name names.  Sad part is, it isn't bad this week because I've been out of commission the past few days and have pretty much subsisted on soup and tea.  As we speak, if I were actually well I would be at something called a "dessert party" with my lady at her friend's sister's place (the one who built our wedding cake).  You gotta figure that wouldn't end well.

Tea, not beer, I swear

Instead I've got some sort of sore throat/sinus thing going on, and I fought it off a couple hours to get some Christmas shopping in, but I'm pretty much dead again now.  I've wasted the last 3 days lying around doing nothing productive other than filling out my health insurance open enrollment form for work, which I missed Thursday and Friday.  Besides that, I haven't done much else other than watch some old episodes of Psych and Doctor Who and sit under blankets hanging out with Scully.

Honestly, even earlier in the week, the eating wasn't all that bad (at least as a whole), so there's not a lot to report, but why break a weekly tradition?

Last Saturday

False Advertising (it's not EVERY weekend)
There was also some homemade cake and homemade ice cream had from a 1-year-old's birthday.  Probably the neatest first birthday ever.  She didn't understand that everyone kinda wanted her to smash the cake and make a mess.  Apparently, even at 1, she's intent on acting like a lady.

Lucky's Again



I had another Big John Steak, Onion, Cheese, and Mushroom with a large Dr. Pepper.  I must have got a pretty greasy batch of steak too, because the grease off it fell on the paper and dried almost immediately like candle wax.

Bavarian Creme Eclair
Started feeling sick when I got home, and tried to burn it out of me with some "Extra Hot" Yellow Curry.  When you order Thai food that hot, you better know what you're getting into, because it's pretty killer.  My sinuses were so backed up, it barely phased me.

Yellow Curry (with the taters, chicken, and carrots already eaten)
Thursday & Friday
Nothing horrible to report other than quite a bit of 7-up

Bring back Cool Spot!


  1. 1. your mug is pretty awesome.

    2. yellow curry sounds amazing right now

    3. i love cherry 7 up.

    and most importantly

    4. I hope you feel better quickly!

  2. 1. It's actually 1 of 4 with all different Celtic designs. I splurged pretty big on cookware and glassware when I got the first apartment (weird for a guy, I know)

    2. Curry anything sounds good any time. Even in the ramen noodle days I kept a small curry paste jar on retainer to add to it. It makes it fancy.

    3. I love it too, but it seems to give me a wretched headache.

    4. I'm good now, thanks


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