Friday, December 23, 2011


Well it's official, my Fatbrent's Fantastic Food F***-up Fridays has now surpassed the Police Academy Franchise with Eight.  That's only if you count the lazy ones, but there are Police Academy movies that weren't exactly supreme efforts either.  Anyway, ball's in your court Mahoney.

Spent most of it still sick, but we did stop at Tia Helitas to eat after going Christmas shopping for a bit, and I did help finish a big nacho and had the fajita dinner.  So that pretty much screwed the entire day.
Ate super light all day.  I even took a load of calories off at the weekend Olive Garden trip (please Lord let my family find another restaurant some day) and got some Venetian Apricot Chicken thing.  Like anything else there, it was okay.

However my attempts were somewhat foiled by Jessi's no bakes
Don't mind if I do...
Monday & Tuesday
I was pretty good.  I brought my lunch to work and everything.  We did make an Applebee's pit stop after our Christmas shopping run Tuesday at Applebees, and I got something fairly decent for me.

Chipotle Lime Chicken

I sort of ruined the day by chasing dinner with two Brewtuses of Sam Adams Winter Lager....
Glub Glub
This bastard got me again, but oh well, I cut off my feeding tube after lunch so it wasn't a huge disaster.  It's just too easy and cheap to do on Wednesdays when I swing by it (while actually on my way to the comic store) on my lunch break.  Besides, I got to talk to my cousin and wish him a Merry Christmas.
Gotcha Again
Had another "Punt-the-Day" Lunch yesterday.  I haven't grabbed an egg nog shake yet, and it was just my time to do so.  So off to Halo Burger it was because theirs are the best (and have nutmeg in them I think).  So it was QP combo w/the shake. 

Probably ran 1/4 of this off with Jason yesterday, but then he gave us some peanut butter balls his mom made in a little tupperware thing.

Started off the day with a Twinkie and a cheese danish, so not going too well early.  Continued the day pretty much with a lot of beer and not much else....Moosehead, Frankenmuth Red Sky, Bell's Porter.  Finishing this blog now about 5 sheets to the wind and starving...

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  1. as long as you keep on working towards's all good!!

    Have a Merry Christmas!!


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