Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowflakin' is just my job...

Against my better judgement, I just signed up for a 10K in the dead of winter to start off the running season. Sure, 10K is nothing anymore, but in the winter, a 10K is about a 15K with the lack of traction you can get, the cold muscles, and just the general desire to stop and find a good coffee shop to warm up.

Of course after signing up for something called the Warrior, it seems kind of wussy to be worried about something called "The Snowflake." but this year is supposed to be about getting to the next level. I can't just run a bunch of 5Ks and be happy with myself this year. Well, at least future me looking back on 2011 won't be, as much as present me is still so damn pleased with himself from last year.

Anyway, the Snowflake is last year's Al Kayner. It's the beginning, the bar-setter, the unknown, and the "I'm not sure I want to/can do this." Only, I'm pretty sure it's going to be colder (Al Kayner was 34F when I started, I believe). I still haven't signed up for the Winterläufe, but I think that's one of my targets too. Too bad there's no Frozen Blueberry this year. That kind of wrecks my racket, because I never got to do it, but oh well.

In health news, I bought a lunch bag so I could bring lunch to work and not be enticed by fast food cravings. This was day one of doing so, and it wasn't that healthy (tuna sandwich and chips), but probably better than the alternatives. My lunch bag is a Detroit Pistons bag that is uglier than all hell (see below), and is basketball hide on the sides. Yeah, it's ugly, but it has the old Pistons logo and still has the Sonics on it, so it was worth using the ebay bucks I racked up over the holidays.

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