Thursday, January 13, 2011

"...And I suppose that I feel like a four-leaf clover"

My friend's class schedule has been moved around this semester (naturally), so we have switched to running on Thursdays. Yesterday the trail was ridiculous. Running in 3" of snow can really slow you down. The 20 minute alarm went off at the spot where we're usually about 13 or 14 minutes, and with him having class at 6pm, we had to turn back.

We still ran the same length of time, but the distance was definitely hindered by the powder. Our calves were barking something fierce and I felt like I had been pointing my toes like a ballerina for hours. Of course I wasn't as cold and ineffective as my phone was after the run. I thought I left it in my friend's flat, but when he called me it didn't ring. I told him to call again as I got to my car, and it was in the snow under my car. If it had been broken, I'd probably just slip out the SIM and put it in one of the 40+ phones that work has tasked me with getting rid of.

It's hard to run in this, though. The fact we're doing it at all will put us at least in the shape we were in May by March this year, and likely better. I thought last year was bad enough at the Al Kayner in March, but we've officially fallen off the deep end into crazy runner status. Speaking of, I registered for Al Kayner St. Patrick's Day Races v2.0. Doing the 8K this year. Hopefully they have medals again, because I like hardware. I'm not likely to be getting any by winning races yet, that's for sure.

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