Thursday, January 6, 2011

And I said how 'bout a resolution...

Ok first of all, I don't have any grandiose plans to change my entire lifestyle in one year. The thing is, mental perception is pretty much everything. I used to think I was an addicted smoker, and lighting up just one would start the cycle again. Now, thinking of myself as a non-smoker, if I have a cigarette or two with one of my double-digit drinks at New Year's Eve, I wake up New Year's Day and don't feel any inkling for another.

I used to think that it was impossible to get back to running 3 miles ever again between my leg injuries and my weight, and I figured out that it only took 3 months of work to get there. I used to think I couldn't break 10 minute miles on a 5K, now it's almost S.O.P. I used to think I couldn't run 10 miles, or at least not get up to it within one year, and with a little help from my friend Jason, we bridged me from 5K distance to 10 miles in 2 months.

The truth of the matter is that the mind is good at tricking the body. It's much more mental than physical to know I can run XX miles. Right now I'm thinking "Oh yeah, I can do a half-marathon this year, no problem." "I want to believe" I can do a marathon, but the brain isn't there yet. It's mentally closer than a 10 mile was last year, though.

The biggest mental blockade is looking down at all this weight, but look at the perception I have. My blog is "Run Fatbrent Run," so it kind of seems like a pretty powerful, primary self-definition (and claim to be somewhat a fan of Simon Pegg). I'm a fat kid. I've always thought of myself as one. I've always thought of myself as someone that loves food, especially bad food. I've got more of a penchant for coney dogs than that of a Sonic the Hedgehog (it's in the cartoon, trust me). I eat multiple bowls of cereal after 10 o'clock sometimes. If I have pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, I often have, not a slice, but "A" pumpkin pie. Yes, I will eat a Big John 16" sub, as long as I have the red sauce, I could do two (never have, never will, but I think it's possible). Yes, I have had the double-down chicken sandwich (just once, but it still happened and I was immediately ashamed).

If I continue down this path, chances are, no matter how in shape I am athletically, I will never physically get in shape. I'll keep the beer gut (though beer is not the primary culprit), and I'll keep the start of chin #2. The only thing I may lose is half of my wardrobe that I keep around thinking I will fit into it again, and give it away out of hopelessness.

I must become the guy that says: "Nah, I don't put that into my body," "No, I don't eat this late at night before bed," "No thanks, one serving of that is enough in one sitting," "No, I'd rather have something a little more healthy." I have to get to that perception if there's any hope for me. I know it's going to be hard, because I remember when I was at (what I consider) my ideal weight, I really worked hard at it. I didn't eat carbs hardly at all. The only beer I would drink was Miller Lite keeping carbs and cals down. I ran pretty much every other day (though only 2 miles), and I did a lot of weight training. The other thing I remember is: I felt like I was starving ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, enough about me, let's go for the goals:

1) Continue to do a race a month. - I could shoot to go for more, but all I would accomplish is paying more money and having more shirts I need to get rid of.
2) Can I Get a Half-Marathon? - I can do this. After the Crim we felt like running the 5K, and would have if Pat showed. Now it's just a matter of where to do it
3) Try to Run a Race out-of-State - I'd really like to do this if the opportunity arises. We'll see what this year and the finances hold.
4) Register earlier - I could deal with saving some money on these races. I need to make a game plan and pick what races I'm doing this year, and sign up early.
5) Make lifestyle changes that actually affect my weight - I've done everything else. For my size, I am a powerhouse of energy and endurance. Imagine what I could do if I slim down. I could be unstoppable.
6) Do "The Legend," the "Warrior Dash," or "The Martian" (or all three) - I haven't decided yet, but two are races I missed last year, and the other looks like a blast (though I am actually somewhat in fear of it).

Another year. Let's go.

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