Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am the Warrior...

I was just convinced to sign up for the Warrior Dash. Time was wasting, and the heats were filling up. Jason, Mike, and I are all doing it in the 2:30 run. If you're not familiar with the Warrior Dash, just go to and you'll get the picture really quick by watching the homepage video. It's essentially a treacherous obstacle course run.

To be honest, it's a little intimidating, but it was one of the big three I wanted to do. I hope I'm up for it. I just really suck at climbing things, and I hate heights, so it's going to be challenging. Also, the video makes it look a little "Nu Metal" for my taste, and if I wanted that I could just go to the Machine Shop.

We had a pretty good jog today, despite me taking a spill and making a tumbling snow angel. The streets and sidewalks are slippery with snow and ice, and adding in the fact that they're uneven in spots, it can be treacherous. That will teach me to pick up my feet.

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