Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot

Flushing 5K was at the peak heat of the day at a nice 93 degrees.  I saw a few people that drove out there bow out before it even started, deciding it wasn't worth the trouble.  It's always this hot for this race.  It just is.

With the heat factor, one of the things you see at this race more than any other is people completely losing it at mile 2.  We went out quick and hit the first mile between 7:45 and 7:50.  It was a very good start, and I thought we could hold it and both PR again, but hitting the blacktop in the park and the sun did not allow it.  I honestly think I could have just fought to hold it for the rest of the race on a normal day, and maybe even had a big push at the end.  Yesterday, it wasn't going to happen.

I hit both water stops in the stinking 5K, and my mouth was dry before both of them.  We both slowed down on the slight incline of the 2nd mile, but that was still better than a lot of people around.  I even saw someone with a tattoo on their back that said "endurance" drop their run and start walking.  In all honesty, I could have too.  I think every year I run this I want to walk mile 2.

That was also where J started pulling away from me, and that big internal baby started whining about everything (mostly "I WANT WATER!").  I told him to shut up, and kept trying to run my race, push out of that stupid park.  I saw my wife and dog and said hello to them, and tried to make it to the next water station.

I actually gained a little ground on the pack at the tail end of the park, and J as well.  At this point the only people going by me are the fast people that showed up late and were trying to catch their friends.  I finally made it out of the stupid park to the big downhill, and kept pushing and pushing.

Somehow I actually managed to get back into striking distance, and passed J right at the same time I saw my mom and sister cheering me on.  The problem with that was, now I was his target and I had to hold it on the final stretch after I lost my gravitational edge of weighing more and going downhill.

Well, I did.  Just barely.  Checkered flag for "Daytona," but only by 11 seconds.  Statistically a dead heat.  No PRs, and both times just above 26 minutes.

Sorry for the late post.  Just got back from Pittsburgh, watching my Detroit Tigers and doing a little sight-seeing.  Had a wonderful time, but didn't get any cool runs in, unfortunately.  My knee was not cooperating, and I was too afraid of getting hurt and/or lost on those winding, hilly roads with no shoulders or sidewalks.


  1. Congrats! Summer 5K's are tough to PR at. You done good.

    BTW, email me all of your burning 5K questions. I'd love to help.

  2. I feel heat exhausted just reading your post! Good work sticking through and working for it! (PS I see you ran 19 miles on DM congrats! That's a huge feat for summer weather)


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