Thursday, June 7, 2012

Diplo-Dash Retread 3

So what if we crammed in 14+ miles yesterday, and so what if I haven't run a 5K since, oh, The Corktown Race.  Never mind that you have to go with your wife to Renfield's puppy beginner obedience class graduation immediately after the race.  It's Retread time again.

I didn't leave myself enough time to walk to the race because I was too busy walking our dog, watching Doctor Who, and eating string cheese after work.  So, instead of doing the smart thing and driving, I threw my old Brooks shoes over my shoulder, and ran to the YMCA.  Why save my energy when I'm pretty sure I'm going to tank this race anyway?  That was kind of the thought.  

I found J, registered while raining sweat all over the entry form, and dumped off the Brooks shoes for the charity that retreads them (hence the race name).
Adios Amigos
One year this race was the bane of my existence, and last year I actually went home with an award.  I've referred to it as our "Bristol," even though I don't like NASCAR.  I was pretty sure this was going to be a crash and burn sort of year.  Also, where have all my brethren gone?  Chubby runner people...where the hell are you?  You can't be all walkers, or can you?  It was almost all skinny people out there.  What the H?

We headed out, and J took off like a shot.  I held my pace and just tried to hit a zone.  My legs felt tired, but I managed to hit mile 1 and heard the timer guy yell out 8:38 at me.  I figured if I could hold that, I'd be pretty dang happy.  About mile 2, I felt like I slowed, but I was still picking people off pretty well.  J was long gone, though, and that may be because he set a HUGE PR today, destroying his personal best by over a minute and coming in at a 25:13.  So he officially has the 5K title again.  The best I've ever done is a 25:50.  

Mile 2 came and they yelped out that I was barely over 17 minutes.  I held really strong on the final 1.1, and came in at 26:22.  Not a PR, but not a bad summer 5K at all.  I've only ran two quicker 5Ks since I've been doing this.  So I will definitely take that time right now, especially since I've completely abandoned any short or speed work with my weekend recovery breaks.  We held around after the race eating an apple and drinking some water until we confirmed we didn't win jack, and J gave me a lift home. 

I took a 4 minute shower, changed, and it was off the puppy school graduation...


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  2. Awww, love the puppy face...Congrats to you!


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