Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Dopeman, Dopeman's Got the Upper Hand..."

During our Monday run, my friend, with the new-found PR at Retread made the mention that he may have inadvertently done some performance enhancing.  With his allergies bothering the hell out of him, he had a Claritin-D earlier in the day to alleviate those symptoms.  He said he didn't even think about it until later that night when he was having trouble sleeping, but he thinks it may have boosted him a little bit.

After doing a little google research on whether that's true or not, I can't say.  I do know that something in it is on some sort of banned list for elite athletes, but as far as scientific proof or studies of it helping you run faster...I haven't seen anything.  I guess we can "Ask the Magic 8 Ball."  Oh well, maybe there's a reason it's on "Lockdown" at the pharmacy.

Either way, with the Dalmatian Run today, and it being my former 5K PR, I'm going to do some performance enhancing of my own to end my "Losing Streak" against him.  Just like last year's PR, I've duplicated my lunch.  The footlong  meatball sub with avocado, pickle, southwest sauce, onion, olive, jalapenos, parmesan cheese, and banana peppers.

Eat Fresh, Mr. Falcon.
If it works, and I actually put up a best today, I'll be a "Happyman."  Alright kids, time to make Howard J. Reynolds proud....


  1. Hope you got that PR. I imagine that the sub's "special ingredients" while not exactly performance enhancing drugs just might have given you a little extra forward propulsion-in spurts.

  2. Heh, nice subtle flatulence joke.


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