Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gentlemen, start your engines...

For some reason, the June races this year are exactly backwards from last year's Flushing, Dalmatian, Retread schedule.  So today is Flushing.  As it seems every year, it's going to be a 90+ scorcher, and one of my fellow runners already told me I was crazy for planning on going today.  My response back was "It's only a 5K, it'll be over in like 25 minutes (I hope)."

Flushing is personal, though.  It's really the TRUE beginning of all my running nonsense and J and my running love, in my opinion.  Last year I referred to it as our Daytona, and that importance still stands.  After all, if we don't do this race 2 years ago, we may have never even started running together.  Both of us are going to be trying like hell to beat the other today.  Forget everything that's happened earlier in the year or the last two weeks.  You win this, you have bragging rights (that neither of us would actually ever use), at least until the Crim or the Detroit Marathon. 

I've been calculating every factor I remember from the course last year, trying to find where I left seconds out there.  The heat, the big downhill, and the last stretch are all going to be major factors.  I also need to be careful not to get boxed in at the start, because if I do and he runs free, it will be over before it starts.  I also can't hit that park stretch tired, but can't start too slow.  The slight incline will beat off a few ticks that you can't get back if you won't take what it gives you.

Also, I'm looking at possible family in attendance (mom and sister) and my wife and dog-child will be coming with me.  How can I look them in the eye, as a man, if I'm unable to be the first of us two? 

I may need more than a meatball and avocado sub (though, be assured, I had one).  I must summon my eagle powers...Brenchooooooooooooo!

Yes, it's true....I am Brencho

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  1. Oh my . . .
    You are bringin' back memories. My grandmother LOVED wrasslin' and would take us to the local events. I remember watching the Mexican El Blue Demon movies. There was once a match between him and El Mascarado that we got to attend. I wish I could remember more. I was like 5. Good times, though.


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