Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Underlying Success Story of All This Is...

 ...despite the fact that I can have a 4000+ Calorie Unravelling in one sitting, and I turn into a complete slacker from time to time, I have made a lot of progress.

Tale of the Scale
After a quick weigh in Tuesday, I've pretty much kept my goal of knocking off about 5lbs a month this year.  I'm going to have to have a pretty nice push this week to get July's quota, but I'm good through June for 30lbs this year.  So we've got the grand total since the start of this nonsense to 51.50 (did I just add the zero solely for a Van Hagar reference?) lbs total.

Tick Tock on the Clock
So I've kind of plateaued in the 26 1/2 -27 1/2 range on the 5Ks in the summer heat, but let's review things a little closer.  We have a 35:28 Crim 5K in 2009 and a 25:50 Clio 5K in 2011.  Enough said.  My 10Ks have been wretched lately, but my longer runs are getting shorter in time too (add another .7 onto the Volkslaufe 20K at my pace and it probably would have been another faster Half time).  Also, when bringing up the former couch potato me that could barely imagine suffering through the Crim 10 mile, let alone ever wanting to push on past that distance, there's a lot of success there.  You can't argue that when I had to stop and walk anything over 1.5 miles, and now I'm crossing at Half-marathon distances and running back to back 5 and 10 K's thinking how much of a cakewalk it is.

I haven't completely given up things that are bad for me, that's for sure.  I still fall of every once in a while, and sometimes pretty hard, but I've been getting back to the plan after.  That's the biggest thing, I guess.  I've learned that falling down doesn't have to mean jumping down into the gorge (no pun intended) and completely abandoning everything just because I screw up one or two days.  The no drinking except weekends rule is still in effect just because it seems to work for me.  Friday nights are usually stay home nights these days because I usually have a race Saturday morning, much to the dismay of....well, pretty much everyone I know. 

Other than that, I'm still doing a lot better at eating healthy that it may seem from what I've relayed here.  I just don't think having a nice salad or something like that makes a good blog story compared to double-dipping Taco Bell and the Golden Arches in an hour.  I think it might be a good idea to start stressing time again on the runs, because the ease of running lately has made me try other forms of sabotage to make it seem like a challenge.

Also, I will say that no matter how healthy I get, if I see the rare Hardees, I will probably stop.  Even if I've eaten, I'm getting something and freezing it, because I love them.  That star just smiles at me and I can't resist him.  Besides, there are only 3 that I know of and each is nearly an hour away.  Perhaps if I use my google mapping powers to make a map of Hardees locations, I can make them come back, much like I did with my Mello Yello Locations Map before it returned to this area.  Yes, apparently I do have massive marketing power around here, just like Duchovny in that "The Joneses" movie, but, you know, unpaid and nothing bad happens to the neighbors.  Admit it, you already want Hardees, a Mello Yello, and to watch that movie.

Hardees Excitement!

What's left?
According to the beginning of the year goals that I set for myself, I'm on track.  I still need to do a race out of Michigan, and I think I have it lined up already.  I will be doing The Warrior Dash this weekend, and I will probably do The Legend the week after to get my Martian, Warrior, Legend tri-fecta (when I only said for sure I'd do one of the three).  So I think I have it covered. 

As far as races coming up, I will be winging a lot of it because the registration deadlines for "early registration" for most of the ones I see are far away or up through the week of the races themselves (which is nice).  As usual, in red is potential and black is confirmed:

The Warrior Dash 7/30, Goal:  Don't get injured
The Legend 8/6
Montrose Blueberry 8/21 or Panda Bear Night Run 8/20 (or both, not like I couldn't hack it)
The Crim 10 mile 8/27,Goal: 1:36 (maybe 5K too, if anyone I know bites on my offer to run with them)
"Surprise Out-of-State Race"
Save the Wildlife Trail Run 9/24
Brooksie Way Half-Marathon 10/2, Goal: Beat DxA2 time (2:16:15)
Big House Big Heart 10/9
UM/MSU Tailgate Challenge 10/15
Detroit Turkey Trot 11/24
Flint YMCA Santa Run 12/3

I'm already looking forward to the Santa Run again, and it's only July.  There's just something about hundreds of running Santas through the streets of Flint in an untimed race that just seems so delightful.

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