Saturday, July 23, 2011

Double Time, Again!

Things for the "Atwood Duo-Medal-y" did not exactly start out too well.  I was given the wrong shirt, which I should have snapped a photo of.  I knew the first 200 people doing the double got a special shirt and medal, but I guess I thought maybe I didn't slide  in under the 200.  However, a little digging and I found out that they didn't even have 200 in it yet, and I sent mine over a month ago.  So I got up early this morning and got that all worked out.

I had plenty of time to think about the fact I was going to run a 5K that would end 30 minutes before I had to run the 10K.  I was worried about the stopping and starting again, since this would be the first time I'd be doing two races without an extended break between.  There was just enough time to get tight, but not enough to shake off any fatigue.  Still though, I decided I was going to press the issue and go out hard for both.

One was really hilly and there were no PRs to be set today.  I slid in just under 28 minutes on the 5K, and kept moving as much as I could.
After the 5K
After changing shirts, it was time to line up for the 10K.  I was really tight, and the plan became "Go slow early, loosen up, and then gain ground."  It looked and felt like that was what I did (based on the field and my legs), but my time said otherwise (1:01:27).  I didn't mind too much, but it was just one of those things where I know the mental block of what I was doing kept me from leaving it all out there.
Me after the 10K

Oh well, the point for me was to finish today, and it felt good to be one of the ones to do that in the inaugural version of this race.  It did make me wish I had done the Tuuri before it ended, though, as that was the one this race replaced.  This one itself was a really nice race, though.  The Drubbler was out in full force, and the Mayor showed up to send us off and to participate as well.  Even if you don't like him (and I'm not in that crowd), you can't say he doesn't represent and show up to things.

After getting hydrated, I decided to check my chip times for the heck of it.  I figured there weren't any awards happening for me today.  I figured wrong.  I snagged a 3rd in the 5K.  Sure, maybe it was a weak field in my age group, but the trophy is so sweet and I will take it.
I also noticed just after getting my medal that it might have a slight spelling error...


  1. NICE!!! This sounds rough! Great job! I have never done a back to back race before but once I signed up for a half marathon to line up with my 20 miler training run for my full marathon. I ran 7 miles before the 13.1. I had about 10 minutes between the 7 and the 13 and that was ROUGH! I got really tight and stiff and tired. UGH. I bet a 5k/10k would be harder though since they are pretty fast!!

    Nice bling too!!!

  2. I doubt it. 7 and 13.1 would be the end of me right now, especially with the amount of water loss I'd be dealing with (which is ridiculous).

  3. Congrats on your 3rd place finish! You never know who will show up, but 2 races is enough to discourage a number of people. You toughed it out though. Good job.

    If you add those two times together, you get 1:29:27 for 15k or about a 9:38 pace. That's good.

  4. Thanks! Actually, you could sign up for the 10K and 5K individually. I guess I forgot to mention that. Between the two, they had over 1,400 entries and 1,000 finishers (not counting us twice). I still think there were less than 200 of the duos though. Hopefully it will get a little bigger next year.

    I'll take the 9:38 pace for a 15K on that terrain with the heat, though. We did get lucky that the sun stayed hidden for most of it. Otherwise it would have been a bit rougher.

  5. A spelling mistake..... Too funny...... Someone's getting fired!


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