Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm probably thinking there's a change of plans...

Ok, I'm not exactly sure what it is. Maybe it's the fact I haven't ran an official race in 3 weeks, and I feel race starved. I'm not sure, but I think I'm going to be going off the goals page soon. I made the mistake of starting to look at races down the line throughout the year, and in the process of chosing my one per month, and I kept piling on. I think my eyes are getting bigger than my legs, here. I'd find one race to do, and then I'd find reasons that I think I needed to do another "just for that month." I'd look down the list and say to myself "oooh, I wanted to do that one last year, I have to this year," "that was a goodie, don't want to miss that," "I hate the time I got on that one last year and have to re-run that," and many other reasons.

Then I started looking at that list and thinking, "Am I really going to try to average 4 races a month?" That I probably won't do, but I can't see narrowing them down to 1 per month. It's just impossible, especially in the late summer season, and even in March, I'm already signed on for 2, and I see #3 that I can't pass up sitting on the list too. I think I may have a problem. Of course I don't like talking to my friends about it, and I'm guessing they really don't care about it that much. I just don't want to become one of those smug runner people that's always talking about their conquests, and that's another reason I'm writing this blog, because it gives me the outlet to write how I'm feeling about the whole self-project I'm trying to do here.

Besides, there's a lot of stigma to being the fat runner out there for me. Sure the majority of runners out there seem to be well above average in human quality, but there's a few that enjoy poking fun at you and don't believe you should be out there. I can deal with that, and I can kind of understand it, because there are people there with the mentality of "races are meant to be done by those that can win (at least in their age group)" and hobby runners probably do get annoying when you have that mentality.

It's kind of like the two types of Detroit Tigers fans you see at the park. Some of them are really into the actual game and take it seriously hanging on every pitch made, and others are there to hang out, have a beer, and enjoy the sunshine. Each group can annoy the other at times, but they both have equal right to be there. I just don't think people (runners and non-runners alike) want to hear about some fat guy trying to run. They probably believe I'm shuffling along at a 15 minute mile and walking half the time anyway. Maybe in their mind I'm out there making a fool of myself; hitting the checkered flag long after the other racers have gone home. Other racers that probably went out after running the race and finished their grocery shopping for the day before I made the last turn. Yes, I exaggerate to sound more's a thing.

Anyway, Jason and I went for another shake at the path yesterday in the newly fallen snow. I'm still trying to push harder when I don't think it's there. I haven't had a bad run in a while, which makes me more than happy to continue my avoidance of beer during the week. That seems to have snowballed into a few other things. Not having post-alcohol munchies really helps. I've been eating a lot better, and even the weekend drinking has been cut in half because I don't have that higher alcohol baseline all week.

I've actually been pretty good in general, other than getting my McDonald's Shamrock Shake. Unfortunately, like many things in this world (pop music, movies, primetime TV) it seems that McDonald's is also catering to the desires of teenage girls, because they've dolled up the shake. I don't like it, and it's not worth the calorie hit anymore. Whipped cream and fake cherries...not to mention they've thinned it out so it's more "drinkable." I actually kind of liked the effort that it took to drink the old ("Triple Thick") ones. So I guess my pre-Lent shake binge has been called off. I guess there's always Halo Burger's Irish Mint shake, which should still be a "man's shake," but chances are that doesn't come out until mid-March when I can't have it.

Last thing...after our run yesterday, in the processs of going to get the new Bright Eyes album, I stopped by Kohl's to look at those Asics Kahanas once more. I just ended up buying them. They're just too custom fit to my feet to pass up. I'm pretty sure I haven't bought a pair of their shoes since they were a nobody brand and still cost $25. I was going to go to the running store and have them custom me into a pair, but I really don't think it can get better than this for my feet. They remind me of my first pair of Adidas Kanadias (also grey and orange) that fit so well. I'm not sure what's up with me and shoes that start with "K," but as soon as we have normal pavement again, I'll give them a test drive. I probably didn't need two pairs of shoes designated for jogging, but I have them anyway. Shoes for several occasions? What did that shake do to me?

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