Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Arms Race Continues

Well, there they are, another weapon for me to win the Cold War. I tried them out this afternoon after work before this "blizzard" we're supposed to get. I pretty much had to, because I also just bought them today. New toys are meant to be played with. They're great on ice and thin snow, but not much of a difference on the thick powder.

This is my first attempt at officially stepping back up to 3 times a week on the running. Today was a solo gig. I pushed pretty hard, and time-wise was pretty solid again. I've been doing some upper body stuff and some other things on the off days. I'm trying to build up a regimen, even if it's nothing too spectacular at the moment. Right now, though, I have to admit that I am dead sore. Also, with the low calories I've done the last few days out of punishment for eating Taco Bell (to be abbreviated TB from now on) and Burger King (BK) back-to-back, I'm kind of wiped out.

I made sure I ate somewhat reasonable today. Dinner was a little on the heavy end, but I don't want to fall off a cliff here. If I string myself out too much, next thing I know I'm lying around eating a 90 count bag of pizza rolls myself, and too full to move, let alone run. I'm trying to keep this thing under control. Besides, I don't have to be too drastic, because, even though the results have been slow, I've dropped about 30 pounds since this all started. That's without making efforts anywhere but out there on the road. I shouldn't have to do too much more to have some big results. I need to step off a little tomorrow, because I'm a walking ache right now. Unfortunately it's looking like there will be a foot of snow to shovel, so a full break is not on the docket tomorrow.

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