Monday, February 28, 2011

I aim to misbehave...

Jessi and I have been so good lately that we needed a day off. Since giving up the weekly alcohol and watching what we're doing a little more, I'm actually losing weight a little too fast for my health right now. It's really only been two weeks and I'm down about 10 pounds since. That's just a little too quick, I think. She's getting a little burned out with everything, too, so we decided to take a day off and go out and eat a bunch of Thai food. We also split up a box of Thin Mints when we got home, and thus ends the cookie dilemma.

One day won't kill me, and tomorrow it's back on the horse. We'll see how I feel and what the roads look like tomorrow. It may be time to start adding some distance.


  1. DUDE!!! Ach!!! That was a gnarly ankle/foot!!! Thanks for sharing....I am aware that trampolines are dangerous! We had a friends break his neck on one, and a neighbor broke her leg. But the common denominator was the lack of the safety net around it and no padding on the springs. You think that would help? I'll try really hard to NOT have an accident like yours!

  2. I hope it would for your sake. I'm not really a trampoline engineer or anything. I just have a mental restraining order against them, and try to stay at least 50 yards away.


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