Thursday, February 17, 2011

5K's Gonna Fall, The Near Miss (Left Ankle Again), and Other Updates

We finally got some dry pavement to run on today at the trail. Sure there was still some snow and ice, but, for the most part, all was clear. We set the timer for 15:00 and started running. We just kept going and going. I half stopped by 1.5 miles thinking we had to be close, but it never went off. We ran over some ice and snow past a few runners that gave up and were walking through that stuff, and still no timer. Finally I just had to ask Jason, and he looked at his watch, and said "we still have another minute." It finally went off, and I'm thinking by now, "you had to have stopped it and hit the button twice accidentally at some point." I was wrong, because the trip back was finished before the 15 minute alarm went off again. So I'm pretty sure the 5K record is going down again, maybe even on the first one of the year (I'm thinking the Corktown St. Patrick's Race).

I know the weather isn't staying this way, but it's nice for now. Any time away from the hazards of snow and ice is welcome. Last Thursday my ankle rolled outward on me at the trail on a slippery patch. I recovered quick, and didn't think I was actually hurt, and finished up the run. It hurt most the rest of the week, but felt fine Sunday, so I ran on it. I probably shouldn't have, because it hurt and I had a couple quick sharp pains on it at the front of the ankle, just above my foot. I kept going through the route, anyway, because I'm an idiot, but I was smart enough to skip Tuesday. Obviously today was all fine and good, so I think I'm okay.

Other than that, I've banned myself from the beer during the week. It had to be done. Jason's quit it completely, and I admire him for it. I just enjoy beer tasting and the whole culture of it so much at this point, I can't give it up completely. Of course there will be special weekdays where there are exemptions. This week's FVD was one of them. I'm sure the calories will add up (or actually subtract down?). Jessi recently joined a gym to kind of join me in healthy endeavors, so I'm sure that will end up being some extra motivation/support for me to lose more weight this year. I'm back on track, and eating healthy. Lent's coming up and I restrict myself so much with my usual no alcohol, no soda, no fast food, no pizza, and it used to be no smoking, but that doesn't apply anymore since I don't anyway. That should help give me a boost, while making me sad I'm missing out on the double filet-o-fish.

Other than that....effin' Girl Scout Cookies, man. My fiancé and I put in the same exact order and we ended up with double the intended amount. Gotta stay away from that.


  1. Hey Brent,

    If your 5K PR is just over 30 minutes then I think you're right about kicking that PR soon. It would be great if that first 5K race was pancake flat or downhill a bit too. Good job!

    Regarding the Girl Scout Cookies, let me suggest that your fiance take her batch to work. Out of sight-out of mind, right? I like the Thin Mints way too much.

    It looks like you're on to something good with those restrictions and the training you're doing. Keep it going.

  2. Thanks,

    I actually turned down some Bell's Hopslam last night. Hopefully they didn't have the keg can open already when they called. Five liters and $70-$110 (depending on where they got it) is a bit to split between three people, especially when one of them can only be counted in for a glass or two at best.

  3. I understand that Bell's Hopslam is A quality stuff. But I couldn't deal with it on a Tuesday night unless I was on vacation.

    My old girlfriend years ago was a light drinker, which meant I ended up way too wasted in situations like that. Good call. If you're feeling a little bad, go get yourself a six pack for later.


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