Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sometimes you just can't win...

Some days it just doesn't matter what you do. I wear a stay dry shirt, and I sweat completely through the bastard. I guess they're not made for big sweaty dudes in post-rain humidity. I guess I must have missed a disclaimer somewhere. The air was so thick, breathing was nearly impossible. I also suffered two attacks of side cramps causing me to stop twice on a 4 mile run. Scott and Jason pushed pretty hard today, and I'm just not up to that pace, so that killed me too.

I even tried listening to the soundtrack to "Rocky IV," but even that couldn't put the spurs to me today. I pushed hard the last mile, but I was so wiped after, I could barely walk back to Jason's to have the celebratory Labatt Blue. I'm not a big Labatt guy, but that's Jason's preference, and any beer is great after a run. Besides, the truth of the matter is that if you deny a free beer of any kind, you're probably a dick. We all have our preferences, but what kind of ass would ever be like "No, I don't drink ______" like it's not good enough for them?

We watched a little of Dr. Who after, and then I went to Meijer. I learned my lesson. It doesn't really matter how close I am to it, I should just go one of the other Meijers. I can never find anything there. There's too much out of aisle impulse buyer set up going on there, which is fine, but please also put the things in the aisle they belong in. If I go to both snack aisles and can't find sunflower seeds because you put them all at the registers, or some special snack kiosk out front, screw that.

All I wanted was a bag of seeds and a 12 pack of beer, and I was in there for 40 minutes. I found pre-shelled seeds, but none with shells in produce. I found only crappy off-brand on the end of a snack aisle, but it wasn't in the actual aisle. It really is set up for somebody that's shopping randomly without objectives, which may work with all the mindless yuppies, I'm not really sure. Never again (I said that last time).

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