Sunday, August 1, 2010

I didn't do it, and then I did

I didn't wake up and do the Legend 5 mile. I woke up and my back and calf were both killing me. I got a text from Jason about doing it, and I said "I'm out." I ended up sleeping that day until 1pm. Then I made waffles after I had carbed up the night before for a race that never happened. That was probably a mistake.

At least Jason and I played tennis later that day, before coming back and watching the Tigers blow another game against the Red Sox. I know I like them, but those "Sawks" are really starting to get my goat (no Cubs pun intended).

Today Jason tricked me into a 5+ mile run, so even though I didn't do the Legend, he made me pay up those lost 5 miles with a different trail run. We kept taking turns and it kept going farther and farther away from where my car was. I asked when we were looping back, and he kept saying "soon, we're almost there." I thought we were running a 5K, but after running over an hour and then some, I kind of wised up.

Oh well, at least I know I can do my Crim 8K, so I'm happy. I still have to perform on game day, though. Jason also gave me a Labatt Blue after so we're square. Tricky man...

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