Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good vs Evil

Today I went up to the YMCA to run the 5K Pizza Run. I grabbed my mp3 player and keys, and 25 dollars out of my wallet (the race cost $21). I set my stuff down on the table as I'm filling out my race card. Somebody swiped my money. For a bit I just stood there dumb-founded and looked under some things on the table. It was nowhere to be found. I kept trying to believe I lost it on the way or left it at the car, but I knew I didn't.

Now that I think of it there was one person that was at the table with me, and filled out the rest of their card at the other table and was acting kind of weird. By the way they were acting, I'm guessing there was a good chance it was them. No way I would ever know, though. All I know is someone did it.

Anyway, because of the slightest chance someone saw it there and turned it in, I asked the registration table if anybody had. Of course not. One of the ladies at the table commented on how "runners used to all be such trustworthy people." Then she asked me if I still wanted to run, gave me a bib, and even gave me a shirt for the race, for nothing. I honestly think this was the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me. I was obviously flustered, and I didn't have even enough money to race w/o a shirt after my money had been swiped. In the end I was almost even (still $4 down from what I would have had), but I have at least $4 worth of faith in humanity. I think the YMCA is going to get a donation from me when I can afford it, because one of their staff just made my year.

As far as the run, considering I had to push my way through all the walkers and everyone from the very back because I missed the start, it went ok. I still can't seem to break 10 minute miles. I did run yesterday too, and I had a huge lunch/dinner that was still knocking about (Patty Melt, Slaw, and Chips). Either way, I did it, and I finished. Good wins today.

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