Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm progressing way too quickly

Jason and I ran, get this, 8.5 miles yesterday. How? I have no idea. It felt great, and I could have kept going. We did two dead sprints during it, even. Today I don't even feel that bad. I'm sore, but no worse than if I had run a 5K. Speaking of 5K, they are getting way too easy. On my worst day there's no chance I would never finish one now, where that was a question earlier in the year.

It's pretty much like this; once I hit a rhythm running, and don't get a side-cramp from hell, I can probably just keep going. There's a much bigger difference between not being able to make it a mile and getting up to a 5K than there is from going to a 5K up to an 8K, or an 8K up to a 10K, and on. The differences in conditioning between them get much smaller after you get in the larger race range, I think. This month, we've been slaughtering on the run, and keep bumping it up without a lot of trouble other than that one super-humid day that destroyed even Scott.

I did get a blister the size of my pinky toe on the big toe, and lost the nail on my second toe on the same foot. My sock was pulled too tight to my toes and instead of adjusting it early, I just let it go. Eventually the toes escaped the sock, but not without collateral damage. I also need to invest in some sort of non-boxers undershorts, because there's some rubbing and other issues I will not go into too much detail about.

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