Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'll get to it...honest...but for now let's talk beer...

I'm sure some of you are wondering how my River Bank Run went, being it was going to be my longest official run ever and all.  I swear I'll get to it, but I'm still gathering some photographic evidence, deciding what I want to keep and trim off, wondering if you guys actually want to see a little blood in a post, and deciding how inappropriate I want to be.  The night before the race is mildly epic in its own right, so it may even get its own post. 

RBR post(s) "Under Construction"
As far as the run, I can say I've recovered from it, which is more than I can say about yesterday.  When I was told there would be a Founders tap takeover at Ashley's in Ann Arbor and a chance to complete what, for me, has been a 4 year mission of actually tasting the Kentucky Breakfast Stout (only eclipsed by the 6 year mission of Sam Adam Utopias, which I couldn't even get at the Boston Brewery itself, even telling them it was my honeymoon and a taste would be a nice late wedding present), it didn't take a lot of convincing from my friends to get me down there to hang with them last night.  Apparently we're still not too old for weeknight beer outings, as this was our second this month. 

The Ann Arbor odd couple ("El Jefe" and the "White Flash") got to Ashley's about an hour before us and fought the good fight to get us a table.  They were instructed that, under no circumstance, was the KBS keg allowed to go dry without them reserving me a glass of it.  The keg did go dry, and as my wife and I drove the last 20 minutes to Ann Arbor, she read to me the several texts with pictures of my beer and hilariously worded empty threats about them drinking it if I didn't show soon (e.g. "Hurry or mean ol' "El Jefe" is going to drink me!").

However, as I walked through the door, it was still there, still pretty cool, and well worth the drive.  Easily the best oak-aged stout I've had, and dangerously easy to drink.  With its 11.2% ABV, it's a good thing they were out.  They also saved me some of their Canadian Breakfast Stouts (10.6% ABV) to try, but I'm pretty sure that stuff was brewed by Buddy the Elf. 
Way too much maple taste, Eh
Before they even tapped the Founders Better Half (11.9% ABV), an oak-aged version of the Old Curmudgeon, I had put in an order for one, and "El Jefe" insisted I try the Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro (only 6% ABV this time).  Unfortunately, I got a bad pour of it, and after tasting himself, my friend reassured me that this was not a typical result for that beer (not good).  So, at least for now, the title in that category still belongs to Saugatuck's Neopolitan Milk Stout (which is actually dead tied in ratings with the Left Hand on BeerAdvocate).

After another Red's Rye PA (6.6%) we headed out to Dominick's so everyone could get sangrias in a jar.  I declined, which, after tasting my wife's sangria, I realized was a huge mistake on my part, and sat begrudgingly drinking my Bell's Two-Hearted Ale (7.0%) while we talked about our friend's recent wedding, our wedding before, and who may or may not be the next to go.  About 5 months back in Chicago, when talking to "El Jefe," my wife told him that, even being a rare fit like ourselves, there are people out there like him, and his lady is out there, even if she's very hard to find.  Only, with the alcohol from that night, her actual words might have been that his match was "like sasquatch, only cuter."  So that got referenced again last night, several times, when referring to people's potential existing counterparts....which usually led to many girlish giggles (only one of which was actually coming from a female).

"You mean like Quatchi?..."
We left there after about an hour to join our other friend ("Guidemaster") who drove down late, and we all grabbed a Centennial IPA (7.2%), and after that began a nice long sobering up process.  It was a very good thing we started this night early, and stopped early, otherwise we would have been sleeping on someone's floor and driving into work from Ann Arbor this morning.  

We walked around for a bit, and not having a Taco Bell within proximity, we did the next best thing and, probably much to the dismay of the crew @, actually went to Tio's, spent money there, got the Mt. Nacheesmo, and split it 5 ways.  John and Jeremy, we're all sorry, but I still love your blog, and I know you're right about the place (except for the Chiles Rellenos with Spanish Three Cheese, though you can't ever go wrong stuffing a pepper with things, so maybe that doesn't count).  Sometimes you just want nachos that are slopped together, though.  I mean, we would have been willing to melt kraft singles on a plate of the Las Fortunitas chips you get at Costco, if it came to that.  That goes especially for me, because, outside of my morning Nature Valley bar, I hadn't eaten anything (yes, I know I should eat more regularly throughout the day).  At least I can explain where the good reviews for Tios that always used to piss you off  (I know you ended the verbal war against them a while ago) are coming from (drunks). 

I've got a longer run on the docket today, and then I'm going to give myself a little time off.  I have a nagging knee issue that needs a break before something happens.  It's not a bad weekend to take off of running anyway. My best friend is coming in from California this weekend and we're going to the Tigers game  Saturday.  It's also World Expo of Beer weekend in Frankenmuth, Mamma Mia! (don't hate on ABBA, I'll cut you!...) is in town, and there's always Comic Con in Novi if I really need something to do (and want to try to meet Billy Dee Williams and Yvonne Craig).  I'm sure I can stay busy without too much urge to run, expecially if today aggravates my knee again, but we'll see. 

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