Thursday, May 31, 2012

I had about the laziest Memorial Day weekend  that you could have, and I didn't bother running a lick (other than Monday, which isn't really the weekend, jut a bonus day).  I've been keeping this nasty secret about a few pseudo injuries here that are just old, persistent ones or the new hottness in hurting.  The truth is that right now my legs are taking a beating.  That's half the reason I've decided to only run twice a week and just bump the distances on those days.  The legs need the down time. 

Drum toe is still probably broken.  It rarely bothers me, but on a rare occasion I land on my right big toe too much, I get a nice sharp pain.  The toenail still seems to have it's permanent black cross-stripe as well.  You know, though, it's a toe, what would they even do if I went to the doc?  Maybe say "stay off it."  Screw that.

Gross striped toenail
My left knee was starting to feel like it was out of whack and was making some nice cracking noises and weird sensations.  I even had a few instances of it feeling likes someone lit the inside of it on fire, getting random burning sensations throughout it.  It was about that time that I gave it a break.  After the Wed-Mon hiatus, and strapping on the old trusty knee brace for the weekend, I haven't had any more issue with it.

I think I mentioned the random sharp pain in my ankle at the top of my foot.  That's was still happening at the tail end of the Monday run, but during yesterdays nearly 16-miler, it was of no consequence.  I'm always paranoid of this ankle anyway, because it's trampoline ankle (view at your own risk) and that thing has bitten me back a few times.

So because of these things, I've been taking longer rest periods, resisting urges to run on the weekends, and have been really cautious about my form.  With the extra weight, I really can't afford to go out there and hack it up.  I need to keep good solid form, otherwise, I'm going to tear my legs apart.  I think I've corrected most of that issue. 

The other thing is, I'm not wearing those Nikes running ever again.  Screw them.  They are dead to me, except for walking the dog (maybe). 

Either way, back to recapping the laziness....

-Blew off hanging with friends and just grilled marinated chicken and squash at home

-Skipped 5K run
-Slept in with the lady
-Went to Starlite for pancakes and eggs
-Played with the puppy
-Fed Ducks
-Mexican Food with dude friends
-Play Bad News Baseball on NES
-4 Pints of Bell's Two-Hearted @ The Torch
-Dark Horse Brewing takeover @ The Red Baron...Double Crooked Tree IPA and 7C's IPA w/ Southwest Spring Rolls
-Listen to bad karaoke and entertain the DJ with our commentary

-Wonder what kind of person gets a hangover on 6 beers (I don't care that two were 12%ABV)
-Miss lunch with family
-Finally have some food @6pm
-Go over to friend's place and bring Hard Cider (Strongbow, Angry Orchard)
-Get ass kicked at Call of Duty Modern Warfare (never played before and my spatial memory is virtually FPS games are not my forte).
-Go home and cuddle wife

-Go to early church veteran's ceremony at the cemetary with my mom and sister
-Drive out to put a flag on Great Great Grandpa's grave.  They usually forget him when they put them on the vets' graves on Memorial Day.  His stone and service engravings are pretty much washed and faded away at this point, but he was in the Union Army for the Civil War (as was his son).  You can actually barely see his wife and his first names anymore.
-Go for death march 6 mile run in 93 degree heat instead of straight to Memorial Day cookout (bad move only a runner would make)
-Drink Summer Shandy, a Labatt's, a Strongbow, and eat 10+ corners of watermelon, and a few pieces of grilled chicken while watching "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil" for the 4th time.

Thank You Great Great Grandpappy
Other than that, not much to report.  The 16 mile run on Wednesday didn't even feel all that tough.  I think that's the furthest I've went, but perhaps I'm mistaken.  Either way, that marathon out in October almost seems too far away now.  At this point I just know I can do it, as long as nothing gives out on me and I catch that injury bug that seems to be flying around and touching everyone.  You're not all first borns are you?  Hopefully it will pass over me.  I may go spread some Gu on my doorway just in case...

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  1. I have done NOTHING here on the coast this week. We've had some gorgeous weather and I've been partaking a bit too much. This weekend I've got to change that. Only 8 more weeks for the Salinas Valley Half Marathon to get my mileage up.


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