Friday, May 11, 2012

Watch out Westsiders

I'm coming for you, Grand Rapids, and I'll be taking over 15+ miles of your roads, likely wearing this

It's incredible!
In an ideal world, I would have found an old Billy Joel "River of Dreams" concert shirt at the thrift store to wear for River Bank Run tomorrow, but a mermaid and a seagull on a t-shirt's printed tie with the sleeves ripped off is pretty good too.

There's only a slight chance this shirt will be trumped in the late throws of tonight, so you can pretty much take it to the (river) bank that I'll be going with this.

First stop is the White Caps game against the Loons tonight.  I'm used to rooting for the Loons so I will try to hold back my cheering for them while trying hard to reprogram myself to root for my franchise's (Tigers) minor league club.


  1. No words... no words... Have a great race, hopefully we'll finally be able to connect!

  2. Yeah, a character cross-over with you and Spike would be awesome.

  3. Love it! Have fun and can't wait to hear all about the River Bank Run


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