Friday, January 6, 2012

Sickness w/ Bonus Juice Rant (edited from Wednesday)

No need to remind me that I haven't written anything in a while.  I know.  I haven't reviewed my 2011 yet, or given any hint at what I'm going to be aiming for this year.  I'll get to it (maybe).  Just put it on my "Honeydo "Strangerdo list™."  Instead, you'll get a short rant (Happy New Year to you too).

I'm running into I've run into a stupid cold again, and trying to kill it off  I tried to kill it before it does did any harm to the jump start I'm planning on having in the new year.  It probably didn't help going out to the store after my last run in a soaked sweatshirt when it was 30 degrees out (or sharing that bottle of Buffalo Trace with half the concert hall NYE).  Anyway, I didn't feel great today Wednesday, so I stopped to get a few vitamins and things to get a jump on it at lunch time. 

I also wanted to grab a good juice to wash them down that also had some good things in it.  I've been well aware that the majority of juice these days seems to be Karo syrup, flavoring, and dye for a while now, so I always scan for the 100% juice label first.  Well this time, I screwed up.  I saw the 100% on an apple and went sideways with the same brand when I saw a cranberry-grape.  I made a bad assumption thinking same brand = same % of juice in each bottle, and that got me 75% less real juice.  Now, I would never preach that mental abuse toward a woman is okay, but if I ever meet this "Minute Maid," I intend on making her feel like (75%) less of person.

This has bothered me for a few years now.  I hate it when there's this rare occasion I get duped by a container masquerading as a juice.  Anything that isn't in the realm of 100% juice, in my humble non-store-owning opinion should be relegated to the soda aisle.  It would really cut down on the potential confusion, but hey I understand that's not what the industry would want, especially those that are owned by a soda company. 

Anyway that's enough of that.  I hope your New Year is going well.  Mine will be as soon as I kick this thing, and when I actually solidify my resolutions (both on and off the road).  It's really infuriating that I've been sick twice within a few weeks here.  This doesn't usually happen to me, because I'm way too tough for germs.  I'm coming out of it today, and actually made it to work, though, obviously, I'm not overexerting myself.

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  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon! I had the plague for over two weeks and it was no bueno!


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