Sunday, January 15, 2012

Frozen Blueberry

Before the race, there was a fire about a block from the start.  Apparently the wood stove in the garage started the fire and it got out of hand and burned down the garage.  Nobody was hurt and last I saw it looked like they controlled it from getting into the house too much and taking that with it.  The garage went up pretty quick, though, and you could hear containers exploding here and there.  Still a shame for the people involved.  Hopefully they're well-insured.  Anyway, for anyone reading this, make sure all your smoke detectors work, have fire extinguishers in areas most likely to have fires, and keep flammables away from ignition sources (if possible).

The roads, as you can see were pretty snow-covered and slow, but it wasn't brutally cold.

Only two people from my age group showed (including me), so I got prized up by default.

It's spinny!
I guess it's true what they say, "Half of life is just showing up"

Glad they brought this race back after a year hiatus.  There are not a lot of races to do in the winter, and running around here and not seeing the racing crowd can get kind of dull (especially in Jan/Feb).

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