Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pictureless Chicago

Believe it or not, I managed to go to Chicago and come home without taking a single picture.  I have to be the worst human being in the world when it comes to documenting things with photos.  Here are some things that you will not see...

-Jeff, Samir, my wife and I drinking lots of beers with pizza and cheesy tots at Haymarket Pub
-All of us again at Goose Island (despite it now being owned by the enemy).
-The four rounds of Guinness Jeff and I did at Yak-Zies while leaving my wife back at the hotel, and us being slowly crowded by idiots trying to take over our table.  They made us stay longer.

-My obscenely large burger that I ate at Bennigan's with sweet potato fries
-My wife learning that Navy Pier is lame (like I said), but us being even lamer and sitting on the USS Chicago anchor like horrible tourists anyway (though there may be an iPhone photoshop of it happening eventually).
-My Chicago/Local H friends on New Year's Eve at the Bottom Lounge avoiding the opening band
-Local H coming out in spacesuits, and them covering Rush with the 2112 logo flashing behind them.
-Me, my wife, and several other friends (and strangers) doing shots directly from a Buffalo Trace bottle (perhaps another reason I could be sick, but alcohol kills everything right?)
-Dan's fiance throwing elbows at guys twice her size coming at her out of a mini mosh pit
-My wife and I having a New Year's kiss
-My friend "Jeffing" (as he calls it) several photos
-One of the few nights of the year my wife and I have a PBR tall boy in hand

-Me all decked out to run a 5K in Chicago on New Year's Day
-The other 1,500 or so people
-Lake Michigan in the morning from Lincoln Park just south of the zoo
-My shirt and bib from my first out-of-state race ever (still possible)
-The friend I made on the way back on the bus
-The Hackneys onion loaf that we all split
-Old St. Patrick's Church (inside and out)
-Pizza at Gino's with my good Local H friends.
-The "pointy kitty" at the Red Line stop on the way back to the hotel
-Our hotel

-The snowstorm on the way back
-Me with Big Boy again when we stopped to eat
-Me doing a powerslide in my driveway on snow and ice upon arriving back home and hearing that Georgia missed the first FG in the 1st OT of the Outback Bowl.

Wait, no, I have evidence of the last two...

MSU won, so it's bowl tradition now
Powerslide Evidence

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  1. I feel like you have to witness the lameness of Navy Pier yourself before you will believe. Spike sufficiently warned me it was lame and so has my cousin who lives there, many times over, and yet, the day we spent in Chi-town after he proposed I insisted we go... and it sucked.

    How bout that Outback Bowl eh?!?!?


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