Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Return to Power (badly fueled power, but power nonetheless)

I'm actually getting back into my groove here.  My mileage has been on a steady up the last 4 weeks.  My speeds completely suck, but I've only just started to push a little again.  I haven't really had the mental desire to go fast lately.  I'm in winter mode, and as long as I get back close to even with summer me, I'm good with that.  Plenty of time for next year's ramp up.

Speaking of winter mode, I had my first run with a stocking cap Sunday, running the Crim route.  There was a lot of traffic out, and they stalled me at nearly every cross street.  I also lost my focus when I realized, going by Atwood, that I missed yet another UM-Flint Kodiaks football game and it was the last one of the year.  I really meant to get out to one of those (dammit!).

Winter mode also forced us to finally actually turn the furnace on finally.  The only problem was, it didn't come on.  That added a little drama to our Saturday, as my wife and I were both in a good mental state about getting rid of her car and getting her a new(ish) one.  She needed it and did a lot of research and found a great deal on a very low mileage used Vibe.  I have a little car envy, but my old car is still perfect, and I'm good with it until it starts to bite me in the back pocket.  Going to do that also kept me from seeing that horrible MSU/Nebraska debacle, so thank goodness for that.
Hello New Friend
The rest of the weekend was book-ended by a trip to Detroit to see Evil Dead: The Musical (Friday) and a trip to my mother-in-laws for dinner (Sunday).  Evil Dead was wonderful, and if you missed it, sorry, but it's probably too late for you now (this year).  When you walked in you were told "If you sit where there is a plastic cover over the seat you may or not be drenched in fake blood, which may or may not come out of your clothes."  Exact warning word-for-word...and those people up there were very liberally hosed down at times.  Too bad only 1 of the 3 of us that went knew that this wasn't a "dressy bessy" theatre gig and wore his jeans and t-shirt instead of nice clothes.  
At least they didn't start freaking out and shaking their head and burying their head in their lap and other entertaining reactions involved weirdly staggered breathing like the girl in the row in front of us.  When they were approached by security, they told a little fib about her drinking too much, and they got her out of there.  I called B.S. and had to explain to an older lady, that somehow was completely buffered from the 60s and 70s, why the alcohol claim was ridiculous ("drunk my a**...ha ha").  Can you guess what I said it was?

Anyhow I'm back on the good running habit train.  The eating train is still derailed, but I'm thinking of adding a nice weekly segment to call myself out on here with that.  I'm going to do a mini one here just by showing you the floor of my passenger seat from today.  No it's not all FROM today, but it's there today.  Stupid coupons and Halloween candy forming a coalition of the filling...every day this week has been bad.  
Still though, hard to call yourself out and say you're going to do better while watching Colbert and eating his Ben and Jerry's brand ice I won't bother.
Don't Judge Me

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