Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nerdsicle: Coming Winter 2011

Wow, the wind was really killer yesterday.  Leaves were getting blown at us so hard, I thought they may actually do a little damage.
What is this, the Wood Man stage in Mega Man 2?
A big shout out to all the men celebrating "Movember," especially Jonas Hiller (even though he plays for a fake hockey team), who has put photos of his entire team with mustaches on his goalie mask.

I, myself, am not allowed to participate.  I used up my mustache exemption this year hoping I could shoot the Tigers into the World Series sporting the Magnum.  I was not successful.
Where's my Ferrari and TC with the Chopper?
It's getting dark way too early.  So, for any of you that were worried about me running in the dark and traffic (especially light cycles) not seeing me, fret no more.  I've got this covered.
Yes, this is a glow-in-the-dark TRON shirt.  Jealous?
I challenge anyone to out nerd me on the road from now on.  I mean, I've already got a Blackest Night Flash Blue Lantern shirt, a Run Fatboy Run shirt, and a Homestar Runner shirt, and that's just the loosely running related ones.  Now, for night runs, I will be a glowing geek beacon. 

Speaking of, I've been coming home with a slim brown magazine bag every Wednesday for a while.  I tried to hide it at home, but eventually the question came up, quite a while ago now, why I was coming in with a bag and running upstairs.  She probably wondered if I was hiding a porn addiction, but it is much much worse than that...
It's comics...
First it was just "The Guild" comic series (supplementing Felicia Day's incredibly funny webisodes of the same name).  Then it was that and the Infestation series where the zombies were taking over Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Transformers, and GI Joe.  Then I started catching up on Green Lantern and a few others I used to like years back before I sold all my books (and, fortuitously, before the market bottomed out).  Now, with DC rebooting their entire product line with the "New 52," I've pretty much been fully sucked in.  I'm even reading Aquaman, and liking it.
Damn you Geoff Johns and your superb writing!

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  1. Alright where'd you get that tron running shirt, I'll need to get one for Spike ASAP. He's a mega nerd himself and was as excited as a small child when the new Tron was coming out. Email me: redheadrunning (@) gmail.

    Also I love a comic book. I was a giant X-men comic collector and reader when I was growing up... even in high school. Shhhh don't tell anyone.


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