Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winterläufe 2014 (a.k.a. What Would You Do For a Klondike Run?)

After a one year hiatus (which, if you've been stalking me, you know was only because of a funeral), I made my triumphant return to the Winterläufe.  For some reason the Holy Triumvirate of Frankenmuth has solidified itself as my favorite race series thus far, and I usually try to do all three.  This year, trying to do Winterläufe was a little more difficult than usual. 

First off, I woke up late, and, on a good day, was only going to make it there about 30 minutes before the race.  Also, though, like pretty much the rest of this winter, the sky was flopping down snow blankets like crazy.  So I only got there about 15 minutes before the start.

The second I step out of my car, I realize my key chain felt a little light.  Yep, due to a new job and a rearrangement of keys, the usual ring with the car keys was misplaced.  So I was locked out.  No matter, though, I'd take care of that after the run. 

Well, I get to registration, and my name is not up on the board.  My pre-registration didn't go through, and my wallet, you guessed it, in the car.  So I did what any logical runner would do in my situation, break into my car. 

Now, mind you, it was a bit easier for me, with my driver's side window already having issues and being able to push it down 2 inches without aid of a motor, but that still wasn't enough to get my hand to the unlock.  I was about ready to give up, until I decided to pull the window out, off it's track, and somewhat sideways.  Voila!  Great Success!

Grabbed $30, the CAR KEYS, and my gloves that I somehow forgot I might need, and booked it back to registration.  By this point, the race had already started, the booth was closing up shop, and I wasn't sure I'd get to go anyway.  Luckily, they let me still sign up, and even had a shirt for me.  I benefited from the bad weather scaring people away.

I threw the shirt on over everything else, because it was too late for another trip back to the car, and I ran to the start line, and crossed it, hoping it would still register my start and true chip time.  I'm quite sure I was the very last person to start this race (an honor I've actually had more than once before).

Had to make my way through the walkers and a lot of the slower runners, but I didn't do too bad for myself.  Pretty sure the chip time didn't hold up, because my official time was the clock time.  So now I have a few more minutes on my official time to make me look bad.  No matter, just happy I got to do it, considering I could have just been sitting next to my snow-covered car waiting for my wife to arrive with my spare keys.

Instead I got to run, get a slice of pizza, and take lots of photos of snow/ice sculptures left over from Winterfest.

The Tardis

Daleks are friends

The Octopus is holding a Hofbrau Beer

This Joker/Batman one is awesome

Love the shirt this year.  Great 70s feel

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