Saturday, February 22, 2014

Did you miss me?

Narrator:  "Previously on 'Run Fatbrent Run'..."

Drinking DURING a Marathon
Eating Lots of "Food"

...and a general history of underacheiving.

For my first trick, I ran the Bigfoot Snowshoe Race again.  It's been a cold ass winter, and this year's snowshoe race really had some deep snow.  The trail itself turned into a one shoe wide, single track nightmare of a workout for a good chunk of it, and it felt like doing a sobriety test (one foot in front of the other) in snow for 6 miles.  Here are some of the highlights....

The Back of Me

The Front of Me

The Front of Me (more excited to be finished)

My Wife with Me, My Frozen Beard, & Frozen Ear Flaps

Now We're Both Done...
...And We're Both Excited
Then We Ate Pancakes...

...And took a long walk down the frozen beach
Other Highlights Not Pictured: 

1) Trip to Right Brain Brewery where I queued up "F*** the Pain Away" (Peaches) on the jukebox at Right Brain Brewery while we were the only ones there.  Ten minutes later, when the song plays, two families with young children had walked in.  Also, no photos of me apologetically telling the bartender what was about to happen in hopes that she could somehow stop it from playing, or photos of my friends (but not my wife) laughing.

2) My wife getting food poisoning, and laying in bed for the whole second night we were up there.

3) Seven Monks Taproom, Left Foot Charley's, Brewery Ferment (!), Low Bar (vampires?), Jolly Pumpkin, and Hotel drinking.  With the wife down and out, and me spending every summer up there with my family until I was 22, there's not much I haven't done, but breweries, pubs, etc....I needed made my rounds.  It was a lot more fun than staying in the hotel and watching Eddie Murphy movies or cooking shows.

4) The additional people we brought with us this year (also the ones guilty of staying in and watching Eddie Murphy and America's Top Naked Hibachi Bizarre Cake Nightmares: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge Edition).

5) All that time we spent in the pool and hot tub, especially after 10pm, when no kids were allowed.

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