Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy National Running Day

Apparently everyone missed the memo.  I only saw two people out in the entire city, and I was going through some usually high traffic running areas.  I figured I'd test my mettle a little today.  I probably shouldn't have because ideally, I'll be running a 5K race tomorrow, but I had to try out some new shoes.

The Asics were already completely dead and making weird air leaking noises, and I didn't want to wear out the trail runners before the Legend and some of the fall trail races I may do, so I had no choice.  I decided to spring for something good and went to the running store and they suggested a few brands of shoes that were allegedly perfect for me.  After trying about 5 different ones I decided the Brooks Ghost 3's felt the best.
After running my 5K route and then circling it into the Crim 10 mile route, I'm a little less convinced.  Look, they're great for comfort on bottom, but there was one issue on the back of my right heel.  I knew it was rubbing when I was running, but it didn't feel THAT bad.  I was pretty surprised when my right sock would make a good mate for Curt Schilling's. 
Maybe that was just in how I tied them or how my sock was on me, so I'm not giving up on them yet.  For the price, I don't really think I'm allowed to.  There was also a bloody nipple, but I did go through all that trouble of taking out the swear words, so I'll avoid the photos of that, and keep everything family friendly.

After the run, I was beat.  I'm still sorta beat, and just sitting on the floor, stretching periodically, and watching my inspirational movie of choice ("Run Fatboy Run") again.  I think I'm ready for another half marathon.  The Crim course is super hilly, and, other than more grueling temperatures, I think I may be able to do one this weekend.  I have one on my radar, but I haven't pulled the trigger on signing up.  I'm going to see how I feel tomorrow.


  1. Hey Brent,

    I feel your pain. I also get what I call nipple napple aka blooded nipples unless I wear a skin tight shirt like the underarmour ones. That back of the heel blister could have been caused by tying your right shoe too tight. I'd expect the left heel would be blistered too if it was the shoes. I usually wear my new shoes around before I run in them. One idea would be to put some tape behind the heel where the rubbing was occurring but you might want to wait for it to heal a bit. Perhaps there's even a slight ridge inside the shoe that could be sanded down.

    BTW, congrats on that 10K PR and subsequent but delayed official acknowledgement!


  2. That course is a hilly one for sure. Have you thought about running Dexter-Ann Arbor this weekend? I have always heard good things about it.

    Bummer about the shoes eating your heel like that, I hope it heals up quick and doesn't continue to be a problem.

    I have yet to see Run Fatboy Run, I'll have to check that out soon. Thanks for reminding me about that one! :)

  3. Thanks for the tips and the congrats, Ken. I did end up taping the heel yesterday. Athletic tape and I are old friends that are getting reacquainted. I think we'll be working together for the next week or so.

    Morgan, maybe I've thought about doing DxA2 this weekend, and maybe I didn't. Foreshadowing...


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