Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Wrap-up or Why are Runners Morning People (and I'm not at all)?

I overslept for another race.  It's bound to happen when you get to bed at 3am.  I just happen to be a night owl.  I stay up late all the time, and eventually I just have a 15 hour sleep crash.  It's the way I've always been.  I popped off for a long time after I got home from the drive back after the bridge race.  Last night I thought I could sleep from 3-7 and get up and go run a 5K with Jason.  I didn't.

I was up about 8:30, but that was way too late to make it there before 9.  So I was a healthy scratch for today.  Jason called about 15 minute before the start wondering where I was.  I kind of feel like I let him down a bit.  It's been way too long since we've run an actual race together.  I know we still get together all the time for practice running, but the actual races are the whole point of us doing this.  He had a pretty good time too, much better than I can do, so he's still king of the road between the two of us.

I went into a little of what I call "missed race depression" where I just continue to sleep in for several hours after I miss my race wake up.  I didn't bother getting up until almost noon.  That only happened because I was going over to my friend's for Memorial Day.  So I rolled out of bed and packed up the cooler, bought some Miller Lite, and headed over.  I ate a few brats, drank a few beers, grilled, built a nice fire, and then I started getting a little antsy, wanting to do something active.

We went to the park and played some Frisbee for a while.  That just felt like a warm-up, so Mike and I went for a nice bike ride across the Flint trails for a little over an hour.  There were a lot of deep puddles of standing water that we just decided to go through.  The whole river bank is near flooding, but we still could ride next to it.  It was pretty nice, but bikes are just too easy to ride these days.  It's not as much work with all the speed settings.  It was some exercise, though, and since I missed the run, I'll take it.  After, we each grabbed a Summer Shandy, and watched some Austin Powers.

But yeah, once again the rule applies, I will never make an early race that I'm not already registered for.  It's just a recipe for failure and sleeping in.

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