Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dalmatian Run 2014 - Belated Recap

I may have let it slip earlier that I was on a mission for a 5K PR this summer.  I thought after the LakeVille race, it was just destined to come around for me.  

The Dalmatian Run in Clio is where my 24:32 5K PR from 2012 happened.  It still stands today.  One of the major reasons for it being on that 5K is because it is almost all run toward falling elevation.  You start at the top of a hill, and finish in a lower elevated park next to a river.  It's the perfect place to kick your own PR's buttocks.  That is, until they re-route the course over a small spot of water and ruin it for everyone.

Instead of the lovely downhill finish, the sent us back up the two hills at the start at the end of the race.  That was just cruel.  I'd rather take my chances slipping on the little wet pavement spot everyone was way too worried about.  Attention race director, I run on ice in the winter.  Also, there was no initial big downhill drop at the beginning to kick start you into going faster out of the gate.

I still went out completely crazy hard.  I ran as fast as my legs would carry me.  The race settles out really quick, and you almost never pass or get passed on this one for some reason.  Everyone seems to self-sort into their eventual times.  I think I only permanently passed two people, and two passed me.

Well, maybe three, if you count the fact I was passed by the race's mascot halfway through.

No fair, you have 4 legs
I gained a lot of ground on Jason at the end, but some kid spectator gave me away by saying "I like your pink sunglasses," when I was right behind him.  He knew it was me, sped up, and didn't yield his position.
Don't hate on my glasses
Yes, I am wearing the pink sunglasses all the time now.  One of my extend family members made fun of them along with a few other.  They didn't know that their disapproval would chase me right into their temples, because, you know, the temple is the arm of glasses.  Nevermind....

Anyway, with the last two hills that were just murder on me, and it being so incredibly hot that day, I didn't PR.  I wasn't even close.  I ended up with a 25:57, so I don't know if the course would have made a difference.  

So hot and tired
This race may have been my best shot, but you won't see me give up quite yet.  There's still a lot of time before winter comes to ruin everything for us.

When the race was over, we went to drink beer at The Nightcap
"Stay for a night cap!!!"

Again, more race recaps to come...

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  1. nice job! with a new course and hills added I'd say that's damn impressive !


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