Thursday, June 19, 2014

Belated Run or Dye Recap

First I got talked into one of these color runs.  Then I got talked into associating myself with a run team that called itself "Keeping up with the KardaSHEruns."  Last I checked I wasn't a girl, and the only Kardashian thing I ever really took the time to watch was umm, know...that one thing.

The team name was the person 2nd from the left's fault
So, if I was going to be on a team named after douchey LA elites (they do live there right?), I was going to dress the part.  I broke out the Dodgers hat my dog found on the ground last year, and found a country club Nike shirt.  I paired that with some dockers shorts and some white tennis shoes, and I was all set.

One awesome bit, though, this was the first 5K my wife and I did together.

Pre-Race Photo
Jason and I in Homeboy Shop pose.  He's channeling his Kanye for the team.
As the race was set to begin, people were throwing their dye packets around, and I caught a sweet pair of pink "Run or Dye" sunglasses.  My goal for the race was to try to stay as pristine as possible and fake like I'm upset every time anyone tried to hit me with dye.  The whole race I was yelling things like "Hey, this is my good shirt," "I'm sending you my dry cleaning bill,"  "Stop ruining my Sunday clothes."  I'm not sure everyone knew I was kidding, but eventually most people caught on, and the second half of the race got messy for me.  

Start Corral

Also, as an added touch, Jason and I were texting for half of the race.

Run & Text or Dye
Jessi, Jason, and I after the dye job

Jessi and I after (with my new pink sunglasses)
All in all, these dye runs are actually not as stupid as I thought they'd be.  I think when I get myself into untimed runs, I tend to let go and try to make them into something more fun.  Now, Jason and I did actually run at a good clip and probably were the fastest two people in our run heat, but we were completely goofing off the entire time.

It was fun trying to run through dye stations trying not to get hit, using him and other runners as human dye shields.  I loved the reaction to my semi-dressy outfit and how everyone, including runners with their own dye packets, were trying to hit me.  Dressed like that, how could you blame them?  I would have been better off drawing a target on my back.

I do wish there were more to the race, though, especially with the whole run "team" setup.  Yes, I was on a team, but other than the discount, you never would have known it.  There should be some kind of team fanfare on the run.  You should get specifically colored dye packets and be targeting a rival team, or something.  Oh well, I guess you can't have everything...

More recaps to come (like 3 or 4?).  I'm super behind...


  1. The one I went to at the Laguna Seca Raceway was really fun. I raced my godson, but I didn't know that until after he started booking it. He beat me by 3 minutes! My cousin, my niece and her boyfriend maybe ran like 5 minutes and just ran through the dye stations. What I thought was pretty cool was if you wanted to, you could go to the start line and try to squeeze in another loop. These kind of "races" really are fun with family/friends.

  2. If we weren't in the last group out, I would have went a double loop. As soon as I finished, I was trying to figure out how else to make it more fun.


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