Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Potential Uh-oh

I haven't had a run since J's revenge run of 6/20, where he dragged me about a minute's pace faster than I wanted through nearly 7 miles of paved trail in the heat (which literally makes me leak fluid all over the place). 
I don't think I bothered to mention my sore knee as an excuse on the Flushing run, because that went pretty well, but the truth is that Tuesday I kind of tweaked it a bit and it was doing a little grinding and popping on Wednesday morning.  Of course, as I usually do, I just ignore everything and run anyway (e.g. my right heel pain [still around], my outer left foot's soreness/random sharp pain, both of my feet having sharp pain at the top of the foot, near the ankle, etc.).  Like a small child afraid of monsters in the dark, when it comes to me and "injuries," I just figure everything will go away if I throw myself under a blanket and close my eyes.
So after running on it on Wednesday and it getting worse, I figured why not pile on and do the usual Thursday run (which we had every right to skip)?  That didn't go very well for me.  I was barely in walking shape that night, and it didn't feel incredibly better Friday, when I decided to stand on it for 4+ hours at the free Andrew WK gig at the Majestic (which was just a hot mess of a show, the people watching has never been so incredible at anything in my life).
In his classic all white outfit
Anyway, come Saturday (my usual longer run day), I finally wised up and said, "To hell with it, I'm not running today."  It's now Tuesday and I feel a bit better, but I'm reconsidering the usual run day again, even if it is just a short 30 minute one.  There's only a little over a week until Volksläufe, and there's probably a thin line right now between me getting better for it and screwing my leg up to the point where I won't be there. 
So any suggestions on how to simulate something resembling a tempo run that's low impact, let me know in the next couple hours.  Otherwise I may just be a big enough dummy to run.  I'd really like to hold off until Thursday, though.  It's getting better with rest and I think it will be alright by then.

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