Friday, June 21, 2013

Flushing 5K

As I've said several times before, I like this race because of its historic significance in my running habit.  This is the first official race where J and I paired up, and is essentially what cemented us as the dynamic duo of crazy running people in our circle of friends.  Sometimes all it takes is one random call saying, "You want to run this race in Flushing today?" 

Normally, this race is scorching hot.  Last year, I believe it was closing in on 95 degrees by race time, and we even were given lots of warnings to take it easy and get water along the way.  This year, we didn't get anything close to that.  Even though it was the hottest temperature of the day, we topped out at 76 degrees, and, although that's actually higher than it's been due to the odd colder temps we've been getting, it was a welcome reprieve.  I also think it's usually on a Thursday, and had I known it was Wednesday (which we only found out the day before), we could have cancelled our usual Tuesday tempo run (which always leaves us a little sore the day after).
When we got there, registration was quick and easy, and, as we lined up to go, it seemed a little less crowded than usual.  I'm not sure if it was actually less people or not.  I'll have to check when the full race results are published.  Anyway, we got going on time for once, and right off the bat I got clogged up behind a few people.  J took off like a shot and was bobbing and weaving around everyone with ease (he can fit through tighter spaces).  So right away, he had a HUGE lead on me.  Not only that, he was cranking those legs hard.  I didn't know if he was going that fast, or I was just going that slow, but I tried to keep up with him either way. 

Once we got to the first mile marker, I knew the answer.  The volunteer called out a 7:34 for me, and I knew it was a matter of him going that fast.  As soon as I heard that I couldn't help but just immediately back off.  I was frightened and confused about the time.  I think it was probably my fastest mile ever, in my life.  Maybe if I didn't hear the time I would have kept pushing, but I just almost immediately went slower.  It didn't help that I totally missed my water grab, and only accomplished knocking over a Dixie cup of water onto the ground (I'm smooth like that)

It's tough to tell whether that was a better decision to slow down in the end or not, though.  Despite the quick start, it seemed like I held my position pretty well.  Sure I was passed here and there, but I also kept pulling up ahead of people in my general vicinity.  Not only that, I was closing my gap on J (meaning, he didn't disappear whenever we weren't in a straight-away).  We got to the two mile mark and I really started to make a push.  "Only a mile to go?  I got this." 

Then we ran into a guy later saying, "This is the REAL 2 mile mark.  The last one was mismarked."  Son of a b*tch!  Now my pacing was thrown off, and mentally that just screws with you.  You think you have a mile to go (okay 1.1), you go another 1/4 mile, and suddenly, you still have a mile to go.  I was actually pretty frustrated, but, you know, small races.  What can you do?

I pulled up to water station #2 (which I believe is just #1 on the loop back), and ::drumroll please:: NAILED IT!  I wanted to do the celebratory water station chugga chugga hydration shuffle, but there was no time.  I would just have to do it mentally.  I turned the corner toward the big downhill by the church, pushing hard to catch J, looking to my right to see if my mom and sister happened to be there in their usual spot for the parade (not this year), and caught him at precisely the same spot as last year.  I'm sure, for that, he hates me.  That's probably why, when he felt good yesterday, he dragged me through a much faster paced 7 miler than usual, staying 3 to 50 feet in front of me at all times (and it was much hotter then). 

Anyway, I turned down Main toward the finish, putting in about all I had left to give, and just barely kept my lead, crossing at about 26:18 (26:04 official, a course best) and only being about 6 seconds ahead of J at the end.  Immediately headed for the water, and then we began the long 2 mile walk back to the school (which is all uphill).  We looked at our results, and got some more water.  I was super hungry and settled for a couple cookies, even though I didn't want them (no fruit this year). 

We met up with a friend at Gina's for some pizza, and then went over to his place for a drink.  I'm pretty happy with the race, but I'm guessing I could have done a little better (especially with the first mile). 

We both signed up for Volkslaufe.  Stay tuned for that one.  There is a big twist on what we're trying to do for that race this year.  I'm sure anyone reading this will fall into one of two camps when they find out what we're doing.  Those camps will be "That's hilarious." or "You guys are idiots."  Maybe both at the same time for a few (and that's pretty much my assessment).  We're going to have to really up the training next week.


  1. "I was frightened and confused . . ."
    That got a chuckle out of me. Awesome time on the race! I would like to say I'd be able to keep that pace, but I don't think I'm there yet. Hopefully soon, though.

  2. Way to Go bud...great time and I too laughed at your "frightened and confused" part..too funny! Can't wait to find out what the big twist is!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run


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