Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pontiac Lake Trail Run

J and I went to Pontiac to join up with the Stay In The Shade group for a 10ish mile trail run on the Pontiac Lake Trail.  I heard about it the day before from another guy we both know, and he said he was coming out as well.  So I got up early Saturday, after going out to the bar with my wife and friend and former roommate.  I didn't feel particularly good, and this I blame on the Arnold Palmer Hard Iced Tea and Lemonade.  I only had 1/4 of one, and it is quite possibly the worst alcoholic beverage I've ever had, and because I've rolled the dice several times when it's come to alcohol limbo (how low can you go?) that is saying a lot.  It says even more when you consider how much I like the regular non-alki Palmers

Not Intended For Human Consumption
Anyway, I threw on some running gear and grabbed the water backpack (and forgot the Garmin as usual).  J came over bearing gifts of old Flint maps and Head East's "Flat As A Pancake."  All things I enjoy (history, Flint, 70s rock, and pancakes).

We drive down the Pontiac Lake State Park.  We find part of it, and after sitting and observing, realized that this park station was not where runners were convening.  So we went back out to find the parking that was closer to this alleged beach, and eventually thought we had found it.  Of course we were a little unsure at first, given that it was also where some dog agility training was going on.

Not For Human Running

Eventually we figured out we were in the right place as runners started to file in.  After saying hello to a few people and eavesdropping on a few conversations, I realized that most of these guys and gals were what I call the "A-Squad" of runners.  There were a lot of ultra people talking about things that frightened and confused me.

I'm just a fat man.  Your "Ultra-Marathoning" frightens and confuses me

Me, I'm like a C- runner, which is why, when we headed out, I tried to hang at the back (where I'd naturally be anyway).  J went out a little faster than I wanted, but that evened out shortly after and we ran together for the rest of the way.

Action Shot.  I'm not looking at the camera
because that's a good way to not see a rock
or stick and fall on your face.
We were almost last for most of it, and, after the girl behind us passed about mile 8, we were the last ones around.  I probably could have pushed a bit, but trails are a good place to lose your way, and since it wasn't timed what was really the point of running ahead?  We were just out to enjoy a nice run. Luckily none of us got too far away from each other, because the 3 of us at the back had a little confab at a part where the trail split 3 ways.  I voted to go straight and follow the dog barks.  That was pretty much the obvious decision.

Here are some photos from the day....

The three of us at the back of the pack had a decent chat after finishing, where the girl just ahead of us informed us of a run near us that is predominantly women that has something to do with wine or something (mostly women at a wine thing?...shocker, I know).  Anyway, I have no need for such things (see my wonderful shirt below that says so), but I told J that would be a good one for him to do.  In the end, we never saw our friend that told us about the run in the first place.  He was a no show, and just ran on his own that day.

For the record, this shirt is meant to be silly, not sad and true.

After the run, Jason was starving, so I introduced him to Qdoba (it was really about the only thing around that sounded good), and we went back.  I spent the rest of the day doing awesome things like drinking Oberon and watching the Brentford (I also adopted them) game.  Then, like what usually happens these days, I got bored of watching sports after 30 minutes and headed out to see what was what for Free Comic Book Day (which was also Star Wars Day).

Had to get the Star Wars.  Grabbed Atomic Robo b/c something
with a robot and dinosaur has to be decent, and I grabbed the other
one because, even if it's for kids, I think Owly is cute and it had
a Corgi on the cover.
After a quick stop at the Farmer's Market, a walk with the dog, rescuing a starling that somehow ended up in our fireplace (then the house and finally out a window), finishing my long George Washington book by Ron Chernow, and a walk around Flint trying to capture Genesee Towers and the Citizen's Bank weather ball before one gets imploded and one changes, I found a friend downtown and I was at a sports bar I'd never been to before with a $5, 32oz Summer Shandy in front of me.

Meanwhile, in the present, I'm off again with my wife for another bar/karaoke night (something about $3 margaritas b/c it's Cinco de Mayo).  I'm down for that, but I'm really hoping to be home by midnight.  It's been a busy, awesome weekend.  Also want to point out, that if he were still around, this would be my Dad's 70th.  It's too bad I don't get to take him out and tease him about being a super old man.


  1. That's a great trail. Good work. And comic day! I missed it. We had even marked it on our calender.

  2. I haven't done a trail run yet but that looks like a great one! The shirt was funny!Glad you had a great weekend bud!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

  3. Sounds like a pretty kickass weekend all done and said. I hope you toasted to your Dad at bar/karaoke night.

  4. sounds like a solid weekend! The trails look great (and glad that spring/summer like weather has reached your part of the country!

  5. Re: your comment on my blog Cleveland allows bib transfers at the expo for $20 if you did want to do it. You don't have to stuff a bra and put on a wig!


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