Saturday, July 28, 2012

The #1 threat to Michigan....BEARS!

As usual, the camping trip was relaxing.  There's nothing to do up there, so the only things to worry about are what to eat for dinner and where to swim.  It's much easier making two choices a day.  Other than that I just sat around reading books, and wondering what kind of birds were up in the trees (forgot my binocs and bird book again, dammit!).  

This year we had one adjustment, because we took Renfield with us.
He's a good camper
He was also pretty good in the car, and only stirred when he needed a rest stop.  A little barky at some of the camping hi-jinks, but he's only a puppy.  What can you expect?

As usual, it was beautiful up there, and the weather was incredibly cooperative until the day we left.
Love the Dunes
There were a lot of warnings at the campground about keeping food out.  There's been a lot of issues with bears and raccoons there.  We didn't see any bears, cougars, or anything scary.  We did hear and see the raccoons around our tent.  They did a lot of circling us and playing by our tent at night.  They did not get any food from us, but they did get some of Renfield's.

I even managed to get in a small race while I was up there.  They had a Running Bear 5K that I joined in on.
Okay, so maybe I did see ONE bear.
I didn't have the fastest time in the world, and I missed a raffle prize by one stinking number, but it was fun nonetheless.  I probably ran slower because I knew there wasn't a shower in my near future.  Yep, let's use that as an excuse.  Also, I didn't have to run fast to beat the bear, otherwise I would have been much more motivated.
Shirt Front

Shirt Back
Anyway, it was a great time, and I know this because my clothes are full of sand and Moosehead and Oberon bottle caps, and they also smell faintly of fire cooked meats.


  1. Glad y'all had a great time. Gotta love camping up north and all the critters. Remind Spike to tell you about his U.P. bear experience!

  2. Sounds like your camping trip was a success. I'm impressed that you also got in a race! Glad to hear you didn't encounter any other bears than the one you ran from !


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