Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Player 2 Has Entered the Tournament/Countdown to Mars

J has signed up for the Detroit Marathon as well.  Honestly, that's really the only way this thing can be done.  Side-by-side, we're accountable for each other now.  Besides, we've done everything else together, it wouldn't be right for me to go this one alone.  I'm starting to understand how long it really is and how much punishment I'll be putting on myself, which makes me understand even more how important it will be to prepare and get this Play-Doh body in check.

The Martian Marathon is this Saturday (don't worry, I'm running the Half), and I'm closing the book on long runs today to give myself a little rest after going out and clip-clopping a 14.5 miler.  It seemed to go fairly easy except for the wind blowing me around and the stopping and running in place for all the stupid cars.  This was the first time out with the hydration pack, and I barely knew it was there, except for when it was handy.  It's nice to carry a little water with you.  I had a slight rub on the right shoulder, but that's just an adjustment issue I can take care of pretty easily.

I also gave a trial run to some Hammer Gel.  Outside of "Montana Huckleberry" being an awesome flavor, both in name and taste, it really didn't feel like much more came of it.  There was no short or long burst from it, nor was there any sort of crash (or lack of one) from it.  I'm sure some additional experimentation is in order.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong, and maybe this brand is actually used like suppositories.  If so, let me know.

The running terrain yesterday was pretty brutal.  Having to stay mostly off the roads and on uneven, broken (typical Flint) sidewalk was not a lot of help for my legs, but neither was the incorporated stairs that were put in there by my dumb (Jack's complete lack of) route planning.  Yep, I just wasn't thinking there, and I decided I was too stubborn and lazy to go around them. 

On the home stretch I had a white pitbull with black spots follow me and escort me home for the last mile and a half.  She was following another woman out walking who asked me if I knew where she belonged (which I didn't).  I didn't even know until about a half mile later that she was now following me.  The dog ended up right by me all the way home before switching to another couple out walking with their kid.  It seemed like a pretty nice, smart dog, but one is enough for us right now.  Plus, I will admit, even with a seemingly calm one, I'm still pretty fearful of that breed, and who knows that she doesn't belong to someone anyway.  If only I could get Renfield to follow me that well just walking...

After the run I tried to recoup all the burned calories with some Little Caesars (gotta help pay for the Fielder contract), and I slipped into my long green unofficial Al Kayner race socks, which are actually my old MSU IM soccer team socks.  I know they're not really the fancy compression socks or anything, but they actually did help more than regular ones.  My legs feel great today in comparison to what they usually are like after a run like that.  Maybe there's something to bundling your calves up, after all.*

*-Actually I know all these things you REAL runners do work, I just don't usually do them because I'm an illegitimate hack.

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