Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Said I'd Rest You But I Lied... (quasi-Michael Bolton reference intended)

...unless 8 1/2 miles isn't a "long run" for me anymore.  Tuesday's the usual start of running for the week (I don't buy into this Sunday business, because it's part of the "weekend" and it's the "7th day").   Easter family things and helping Mom out at her place for about 5 hours kind of stole what daylight there was right out from under me on Sunday, so I didn't get my long run in.  So Monday became a make-up session, and yesterday became an "I don't want to let my friend down" session.  Otherwise we're just back to worst running friend ever status again.  So my legs hurt.

I'm dealing well, considering I've never put up that much in mileage over the course of two days.  Of course I know there's more of this to come, though, as training for a marathon will require Taking it to the Streets more than a late 70's Doobie Brothers concert.  I'm not exactly all that peppy today, but I'm still awake and doing alright.  No running today, though, that would have been Amaza-crazy.

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