Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shamrocks and Shenanigans Part 3

Luckily, when I woke up the Sunday after St. Patrick's Day, my stomach had stopped doing somersaults, but I still wasn't in any mood to get moving any earlier than I had to.  The Al Kayner St. Pats race wasn't until 11:45, and I've been through it twice before.  So I know where to park and where to go, and all that.  Not a lot of sense in getting there too early.

Jason joined me again this year, vowing not to miss his turn and actually run the 8k this time, which I'm happy to say he did.  Some of the others weren't so lucky from what I've heard, and just like every year their facebook has complaints about the split not being properly marked.  I just think too many people run with their headphones in and their head down, and would miss it unless someone stopped them by bib color and sent them the other way.  I've ran the 5K and the 8K and I'm 3 for 3 going the right way.  I don't know, maybe they should start the 5K a little later.  I'm all for that.  Then maybe all the Powerades wouldn't be unnecessarily taken by 5K walkers and I might actually get one, which I haven't the last two years running the 8K, but my slow ass, 34 minute, 5K, 2010 self that probably didnt' deserve one did (ugh, I hate that guy!).

My lady came up with us to root us on as well, which was really nice for a change.  Most of the time she's either working or they are just way too early for her to want to get up and stand around waiting to see me run a few seconds (and I can't say I blame her, because sleeping is awesome, and some of these races take a really long time). 

The weather was a ridiculously balmy 67 degrees at race time, according to the Chemical Bank ticker near the start.  Last year it said 36, and it was 39 the year before.  So, needless to say, I was very happy I decided to roll with some old soccer shorts instead of some long pants.  Jason had a whole St. Patrick's accessorizing scheme going that made him look like runner Bono on St. Patrick's weekend or something. 

Early on the run was really crowded, and it didn't really let up until the 5K split off.  Every single race there are those people that scoot up with the faster pace runners, take off like a shot, and stop to walk less than a half mile in.  These people make the crowded streets much more difficult, and it really gets old after a while.  Know your capabilities and be honest with yourself (own up that you're wussy, out of shape, and a complete failure at running).  I own up to being a fat guy that isn't going to keep up with the 8 minute or less people, and even though I've ran in the 8's and am in the 9's right now, you'll find me back behind that big "10" just in case.  Not that I had a choice, because I couldn't get up any closer, and still feeling a little bit of the hangover I wasn't sure if I belonged up closer anyway.  Tanking was a distinct possibility (although when has a lot of beer the night before kept me from finishing?...not counting the times I didn't make it to the race at all, that is).

I didn't tank, though.  I started out a little fast, and really had to push to hang on to some resemblance of pace.  I still ran the 8K in a 46:41, which was over a minute faster than last year.  I would have liked to be around 2 minutes faster, but you can't have everything.  That just means I'll really have to beat last year Brent pretty badly at the Martian Half Marathon in about two weeks.

Once again the Kayner medals were the same design again (I really should bend them and start fixing them to pint glasses...or maybe in like 50 years make a coat of arms out of them) with a different lanyard.  The shirts varied from the green and white designs of previous years and went for an all black with green print this year (which I was a little less enthused about, but I'm sure they're planning something cool for the 40th anniversary next year and went a little on the cheap this year).

Shirt and 3 years of Medals
Afterwards we had some nice breakfast brunchin' at The Texan.

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