Friday, August 19, 2011

Reflective Friday (Unsupervised Edition)

So the kibosh was put on me joining the tubing weekend with the girls.  It was opened to possibility, but the other boyfriends didn't want to go and/or were against tubing.  I suppose I am too, honestly, but I could have dealt with sitting on a tube in a river drinking beer.

So what selfish fun things have I done today while the lady is out? 

Um, I mowed the lawn, cleaned up some of the house, and did a little laundry.  So far I'm not exactly living the bachelor paradise, which of course is being "stripped to the waist and eating a block of cheese the size of a car battery" as you all know.  Yes, that's what we do when you're not around. 


"Since Jason and I both had bleeding incidents (his from an overzealous snot rocket and mine from return of drip nips) does that make us running blood brothers?"

"If he hadn't started leaking, he was going to tear me a new one on that run yesterday."

"How late is Jets Pizza open?" (I can't have it if Jessi's here, the digestive results are very...WW1-ish?)

"Should I run Stampede or Panda half-marathons tomorrow?"

"Should I just go to 5/3rd myself and see baseball and monkeys riding dogs and herding sheep?"

"I wonder if I could actually eat one of thos 5/3rd burgers."

"Those two Half-Marathons are like 12 hours apart.  If nobody wants to do anything tomorrow, maybe I could do both..."

"...Maybe not"

"I'll probably sleep in and do the late one.  I don't know, maybe neither."

"Either way, I think it's time for bed."

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