Friday, August 26, 2011

Reflective Friday (Pre-Crim Edition)

Thoughts on attempting to go to your old college bar with your groomsmen and fiance:

8:30pm-Oh yeah!  Gonna totally tear this bar up tonight and get totally slammed, party till 2am and then hit a Tom Z's Coney Island late.
8:45pm-Where is everybody?  It should be packed by now.  Why are they still serving food?
9:00pm-Where's the PBR tap?  Why is the pitcher beer special Natural Light?
9:03pm-When did the $1 pitchers become $2?
9:05pm- 75 cent rum and cokes are $1?
9:06pm-Can't we be grandfathered in on the original price?  Does saying "granfathered" sound old?
10:00pm-Look there's some young people, maybe it is still "cool" here
10:30pm-Wait, I'm seeing flannel, pastels, off the shoulder shirts, spandex, bad hair of all generations.  Which decade do these young people think they're in?  
10:45pm-It's getting crowded in here...also very whorish (did they dress like that even 7 years ago?).  Hey, look at her, maybe Amy Winehouse is alive and just hiding in Flint
10:50pm-Better get one last trip to the bar for cheap pitchers
11:00pm-Probably shouldn't have gotten 6 of them
11:30pm-Any more Natty Light and I probably won't make it to work.  Why are all my friends looking at their watches?  We're going home soon aren't we?
11:35pm-Jessi looks tired of this.  I think I'm done too.  Time to go.
11:37pm-I don't think I feel like greasy food.  Let's just walk home
11:56pm-Home before midnight.  Lame.

Thoughts on getting the last details of wedding stuff taken care of:

-Where'd all our money go?
-Hopefully our caterer doesn't forget about us again between now and next week, and this guy (the 5th one we've dealt with) doesn't get fired, quit, or whatever happened to the other 4 guys.
-Can we trust him, being he worked for the White Sox and Pacers at some point?
-Who's setting up all these chairs?  I don't think I will be available day of.
-THAT, my friends, is a lot of hooch .  I think that's enough to get everyone giggly
-What else is left?
-Honestly, who is sick enough in the head just to do this for the sake of the event aspect of it?  Wedding planners must be the most mentally ill people on this Earth.

Thoughts on The Crim (tomorrow):
-I think I did plenty of carbo-loading, maybe too much.  That was a disgusting amount of never-ending pasta.
-It's awesome that you can track people this year
-I wonder how much of my family will show.  They'll probably miss seeing me even if they do.
-Is my superwoman cousin going to run it tomorrow too?  How bad is she going to destroy me?

Final Thought:
What is the big obsession with the Bradley Hills at the Crim?  Are they hilly?  Yes, they're hills, but they really aren't that bad.  I mean look at the big one (see below).  It's pathetic.  I've seen much worse elsewhere.  Wait a second, everyone is afraid of them and talks about them like they are scary, even menacing, but in the end they're not bad at all and are actually pretty harmless.  Hmmm...I think maybe we should call them the "Boo-Radley Hills."  Yeah, that's their new name.  

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