Thursday, September 2, 2010

Greasy Fast Speed

So we have the distance thing down for this year, and now it's time to go for speed. I don't really have a chicken to chase around, but Jason is fast enough. I suppose we could always push for a half-marathon and then a marathon, but before I get into something like that I need to drop some weight. That would just be too much abuse on the knees at this point. I suppose the half would be ok, but 26.2 miles, nope.

We missed our run yesterday due to lightning. We'll go in rain, but there's no sense in getting healthy and going out to get killed by a lightning bolt. Sure it's rare, but it could happen, and has happened to people in my family before. Maybe we have high iron in the blood. Who knows?

Anyway, we did the usual trail run, but we did a short one around 4 miles or so pushing hard the whole way. I was just as sweaty as we usually are for 10 with the humidity, and the muscles were just as tired with pushing the whole time and being out of breath for the entirety. It's something I need to do, though, to build up my wind and break that 10 minute mile wall. To do that, I have to take off about 2 1/2 minutes from my better 5K times. It won't be easy, but we'll keep pushing for time, and it should help us in distance too.

The 4 mile run (guessing distance, we still need to confirm) took me 39:40 today. We'll just keep trying for better times.

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